Sc0ut has revealed the news on the afternoon of 5th August – and right after that, in the evening, he announced again on his Instagram that he will be joining team SouL for the upcoming PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019. According to sources, Sc0ut will be joining SouL Owais, Soul Viper and SouL Ronak to complete Team SouL’s lineup for the PMIT 2019

This is amazing news because Team SouL has been looking for a suitable replacement for MortaL, who is retiring from competitive PUBG for the time being. Fan of MortaL doesn’t have to worry since he will continue to be a streamer and mentor for later teams of India PUBG esports.

Below is the Instagram story posted from Sc0ut’s account.

Furthermore, there are also posts on Sc0ut’s YouTube channel about his decision to leave TeamIND for Team SouL during PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019

According to sources, the captain of TeamIND will now be Kratos. All three remaining members, Kratos, Trance and Daljit are looking for a fourth temporary teammate for the next tournament, PMIT 2019. Tanmay has also mentioned that he will never leave TeamIND – the decisions from sc0ut was made with full cooperation from all team members.

Below is the detailed post from sc0ut’s Youtube channel.

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Scout's post on YouTube

Despite the fact that a lot of fans are upset about SouL MortaL’s decision, the addition of sc0ut might be the key to pacify them. He is a great player whose aggressive plays and fearless attitude have become famous worldwide. His skill with the assault rifles is definitely one of the best in India, at least.

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sc0ut while he was playing for TeamIND

This iteration of Team SouL is perfect and they are definitely ready to claim the PMIT title, and maybe even more. Let’s see what happen in PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019.

A lot of expectations have been placed on the newly created version of SouL. We hope they will prove their mettle in upcoming tournaments.