How to assemble a good battle loadout in PUBG

There are a lot of weapons in PUBG, as much as the best titles in the genre, and more. Each weapon serves a specific role and is an unremovable part of the game. However, some weapons are just more versatile in circumstances than others. Let’s take an assault rifle, for example, it is serviceable both close and long-range combat.

The ability to carry two primary weapons in PUBG is what set it apart from other generic FPS games in which you can only carry one. With two guns slot available, you can customize, mix and match to create a loadout for any of your missions. In PUBG there are a lot of options for all form of combat from close quarters to medium to extreme ranges, so while it might seem cool to carry two sniper rifles, it is best to be prepared for any kind of situations that is likely to occur.

The one-shot ability of a bolt action sniper rifle is unparalleled

We will be providing you with an array of loadout that would definitely serve you well in your PUBG matches.

Assault Rifle and Bolt-Action Sniper

It is one of the most popular global loadouts – for a good reason. The power of a bolt action rifle is undeniable – you can kill most people from a safe distance with a single headshot. The ability to one-shot kill is very valuable in PUBG since players can heal themselves to full. In other shooters without heal, you can just nip their HP pool down little by little, therefore sniper rifles are not as strong. With your long-range capability taken care of by the sniper rifle, an assault rifle would seal the deal with its versatile uses.

Assault rifles are all-rounders that is suitable to most situation

If you are a great sniper and plan on using your assault rifle for close combat only, the AKM might also be a good choice. The gun exchanges accuracy for close-range explosive power – with a lot more damage per shot comparing to other assault rifles. You can win most close-range exchange using the AK with ease. However, there is a downside for that loadout: both your weapons would be using the same ammunition. Because of that, some players just settle for a 5.56 mm rifle.

The power of the Classic AK

The drawback of a sniper rifle is its rarity. You have to either be lucky and found a Kar 98 in the wild or skillful enough to obtain it from crates. After all that, you also have to get a good sight attachment. A skilled player can get a kill with just iron sights, but that is what assault rifles are for. To bring out the full potential of the sniper rifles – a bringer of death at extreme ranges, a magnification device is not something that could be replaced.

UMP9 and Semi-Auto Sniper

Consider by some as the “poor man’s loadout”, it is not as good as the aforementioned tier 1, however, it is still very useful. The UMP9 is a very simple gun to use – its recoil pattern can be easily predicted. If you are a new player, that SMG might just be created for you. Mastering it would make a great stepping stone for other more sophisticated weapons. After outfitting with some further enhancements, the UMP9 would become more effective at medium range. Overall, this combination of weapons would cover both combat ranges with an easy to use weapon. And if you are in a pinch and panicking, the ability to hip fire on the move of the UMP9 would be a godsend.

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A semi-auto is not a bad choice if you are not confident about your sniping skill

Mini14 and SKS are the two semi-auto sniper rifles in the game, and both of them are pretty weird. Neither of them can match the damage of bolt actions in long-range combat, however, with their ability to fire repeatedly without having to push the bolt, your margin of error is extended. This type of gun also removes one of the major disadvantage of the bolt action sniper rifle: the need for a good scope. A 4x scope equipped on a semi-auto sniper rifle is something that would be nice to have, but not a must-have. You can go around shooting people in the face just fine due to the bigger magazine and faster rate of fire – the opposite to the one-shot, one kill principal of the usual bolt action.

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The noob-friendly UMP9

With this loadout equipped, you would have an option for every situation. For example, if the enemy is aware of your presence and just bouncing around, your best answer to that would be whipping out the UMP9 and spray them to death. And if they are not aware of you? Two shot from the semi-auto would be sufficient to drop them.

Assault Rifle and Shotgun

A high risk and very situational loadout. Using a shotgun after the first ten minutes of a match might seem odd, but it can shine in the right hands. Shotguns are one of the few weapons that can deal with level 3 armor easily, albeit at a very close range. Below is a video from Shroud about how to use shotguns.

There are three types of shotguns in PUBG, with minor differences. Both the double-barrelled S686 and pump-action S1897 deal 25 damage per pellet, with each shot containing 9 of them. The maximum total damage a shotgun could deal is 225 points if all the pellets hit – enough to one-shot a player wearing level 3 armor. With a fast rate of fire of just 0.2 seconds if you are using the S686 – you would probably be able to win any close encounter with a shotgun.

Pubg Mobile Shotguns2
Camping inside buildings with a shotgun

The semi-auto S12K is a little bit different – with only 22 damage per pellet and a slightly longer reload time of 0.25. However, the selling point of the S12K is a bigger magazine. The basic capacity of it could be enhanced up to 8 shots – widen your margin or errors, as you can screw up a few shots and still get your enemy. Having an open mind is important because some player won't even give shotguns any chance whatsoever – a late-game shotgun would definitely be a surprise. The edge given by it would provide you with an easier time defending buildings later in the game.