PUBG Mobile India Tour has always been one of the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament in India, where the best squads fight for an enormous prize pool. Any squad can join the tournament no matter if they are pros or not.

India Tour
The winner will get a Rs 5,000,000 prize

The registration for Group A and Group B has ended, but Group C, and Group D are still open for teams to join. As the online Playoffs for Group A just started a few days ago, PUBG Mobile opened an event so viewers can also participate in the tournament and receive cool prizes while supporting their favorite team.

By going online 7 days in a row, you will receive 1 vote for free. Or you can buy the Indian Tour crate for only $0.49, which will give you 40 votes, some UC, and 1 voucher for India Bonus Challenge. The teams who get the most vote will 1 lakh cash too, so this is definitely the best way to support your favorite teams. At the of the event, if one of the teams you picked get the most votes then you will get a special prize yourself too.

Secret Special Crate Pubg Mobile India Tour Crate
Buy the India Tour Crate for only $0.49 to get 40 votes and many prizes

There is a total of 4 Group and each group will have different voting period. You can check out the schedule here.

Secret Special Crate Pubg Mobile India Tour Crate
Voting schedule for each group.

The PUBG Mobile India Tour will last for 4 months including both online and offline matches with regional finals in four parts of India, Jaipur, Guwahati, Pune, Vizag. The grand finals will take place in Kolkata in October.