After the huge launch on South Asia and Latin America countries, PUBG Lite is now coming to players from all around the world with the Open Beta on August 8. Coming with the update will be a brand new season pass called Lite Pass. The base Lite Pass will be free and available for everyone with many rewards as they level up. As for the Premium Pass, you can unlock even more special rewards and missions to achieve.

Pass Lite
There will be a new season pass

Moreover, the Open Beta will also bring players a new game mode that even PUBG hasn't had yet, the 4 vs 4 Team Death Match mode. The Team Death Match mode was first introduced in the Season 7 of PUBG Mobile. Eight players will be divided into 2 teams in a small map. All weapons will be available in this mode. Players will spawn endlessly after death. Which team gets 30 kills first wins the match. While this mode is not exactly a battle royale mode, it is still very fun with a lot of actions with short match duration.

Mode Img01 1
2 team will fight each other in a small map until one side gets 30 kills

Team Death Match was a success in PUBG Mobile, but it will be even better in PUBG Lite since PUBG Lite has a much more refined graphics and gameplay. While PUBG Lite was a toned-down version of PUBG, but it has many additional gameplay features from PUBG Mobile that make the game much more comfortable to play.

Mode Img03
The graphics in PUBG Mobile is no match for PUBG Lite

To prepare for the Open Beta, the official website of  PUBG Lite was also added with a small guide about the maps and the control in PUBG Lite. A small event was also held for all players to get some free rewards.