Tencent Games, the developer of the famous multiplayer game PUBG Mobile, has shared a new ban list, which is likely to start becoming an activity every week. Cheating and hacking are some of the persistent major problems existing in several games for a long time ago, including in video games. Cheaters often use different dishonest tools such as software to take advantages in the game. Just like other shoot-to-kill games, cheaters in PUBG Mobile using several cheats and hacks. Some of the noticeable hacks are aiming automatically for the heads and seeing through the walls at places of different rivals. There is an abundance of hacks, and they are totally unfair.

Cheaters could always aim for the head perfectly, or look through the walls

Tencent Games has pointed out its opinion on a tweet that fair gameplay is always considered a high value. Pushing the ban list is a way to solve the hacking issue of PUBG’s developer. The ban for hackers will continue to be announced in order to preserve an even gaming field. The partial record of banned players in the period of August 27 and September 2 was published on the official website of Tencent. The game developer also encouraged players to report cheaters in the future.

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Wallhack is the most common

Details of PUBG Mobile ban record

PUBG’s developers, be it consoles, mobile or the PC are taking the cheating threat seriously. Besides, Tencent’s recent action on Twitter demonstrated that several cheating players had been banned from the game. Developers of this battle royale game also wrote in the blog. Every account that appeared on the list is not allowed to play PUBG in 10-year time. Other players are requested to report any doubtful player or using an unauthorized 3rd party app.

PUBG’s developers are encouraging players to report hackers and cheaters

There is a ban list for either Mobile players or PC players. The list contains different types of cheaters and it is such a long record.

In a video recently, PUBG Devs implied the necessary of PUBG player reports on different rivals. The report is for malicious behavior as well as assumed cheating. There will be an investigation taken by the developer team once there is a cheating report. It consists of games that these players have played along with how they achieved all their kills. The developer team will run an anti-cheating software to go through their game and see whether they used hacking software or not.