Tencent has launched a limited-time event called Global Treasure Hunt for PUBG Mobile – it would continue until the 20th of September this year. The tournament consists of treasure hunt themed missions: four stages on each of the four maps Each stages further divides into seven levels, each with a different pair of missions. The winners of each round get a ticket to PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split.

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Event prizes that worth millions

Here are the list consists of all the winner's account ID:

The Winners of the second round

The Global Treasure Hunt Event on the second map, Miramar has just ended, and PUBG Mobile dev has published a list of winners on their official Twitter account. All the winners have been picked based on a lucky draw – each and everyone on the list would get a ticket to the incoming PUBG Mobile Global Finals, with travel expenses covered. Similar to the first map, Erangel, the list of Miramar also consists of ten lucky players.

Here’s the information tweeted by PUBG Mobile’s official twitter:

Is it too late to take part in the Global Treasure Hunt?

There are two weeks left of the tournament, so aspiring competitors still have plenty of chances to join the tournament. However, they would not be able to play the mission on Erangel and Miramar, as the event is already completed on these maps. New players would also miss out of plenty of goodies as well, including permanent outfits and titles.

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There are still hope for new competitors

However, all hope is not lost, as those who join the competition now can still complete the missions on Sanhok and Vikendi, which in turn would allow them to enter the draw for a ticket to the Global PMCO grand final

The first round's winner list can be found here.