A limited-time event called Global Treasure Hunt has been launched by PUBG Mobile – it is on such a big scale that none of the previous events have ever reached, with the winner gets a ticket to PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split. This event is a tournament consists of four parts that take place across every map in PUBG – each stage further divided into seven more levels, and each level has two separate missions. You can find out more about how to join the tournament on its website.

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Millions worth of prizes ahead

The first round of the event for Erangel has concluded – and with that, PUBG Mobile’s Official Twitter handle by Tencent has brought out the list of the lucky winners. The awardees of the GTH in the list below have scored their ticket to watch the big league’s Global final – there are ten of them. Based on this fact, it's likely that the next round will have the same amount of winners.

The winning players for the Erangel Quests on the event are:

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Here are the winners of the first round

Is it too late to take part in the Global Treasure Hunt?

With the Erangel Tournament winners revealed, all the missions on the Erangel map are locked – players won’t be able to participate anymore. This means they have missed out on all the rewards such as titles and permanent outfits…

The competition has not ended yet

However, a new array of missions are available on Miramar after Erangel – players who want to participate still have a chance. If they completed all the missions and are lucky, they might have a chance to win the Global Treasure Hunt PMCO – coupled with the opportunity to observe the legendary PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Fall Split Global Finals.

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