The next Season of PUBG Mobile which also comes with a big update will hit all servers next month. Season 8, which began in the middle of July, is coming to an end, it is expected that the next season, along with update 0.14.5 would be rolled out. From trusted sources available, we have compiled a version of a changelog that would probably give you a glimpse of the incoming updates. From September 13 onwards would be season 9 of PUBG Mobile.

There will be a lot of things to expect from the new update of PUBG mobile. Below are some of the update that will be included in the new version:

MP5K Submachine Gun

A new submachine gun will be included in the new update. However, it would only be available in Vikendi – a replacement for the Vector. The MP5K comes with three shooting variations: Auto, Burst and Single. That gun is currently available on the PC version of PUBG.

The MP5K is going to replace the Vector

Canted Sight

Finally available in PUBG Mobile, Canted Sight would be a great help in combat. This feature would add another scope slot to your gun – you can easily switch them based on the situation at hand. The canted sight would be a great help in close-quarter combat, most suitable for a submachine gun.

Switchable scopes

Zima Car

A new hatchback car available for grab in Vikendi, increasing the variants of vehicles on the map. It looks like a mini SUV.

Best for snowy terrains

Snow Bike

Another exclusive addition to the Vikendi’s snowfield. The Snow Bike is going to replace regular bikes on the map – the same thing happened in the PC version of Vikendi.

Snow Bike
Another themed update appropriate for the Vikendi map

All the expected changes will be included in the below video. Keep in mind that these are just speculations and the real result of the update can be changed anytime. There are also some season 9 skins included in the video’s latter half.

Based on another source from China, the season 9 updates is already out, along with china’s ‘Game of Peace’ event. Below is an extended patch note for the update:

According to another source, this update is a part of the 'Game of Peace' event in China. Below is the patch note for the update, which would probably be similar to PUBG Mobile's season 9 version.

New MP5K Submachine Gun to replace Vector in Vikendi. Uses 9mm bullets, with a default magazine capacity of 30. Can be upgraded to 40.

Deals 33 damage per bullet, with an estimated 495 damage per second.

Have three fire modes: Auto, Burst and Single

Vector, one of the more broken gun in PUBG get a nerf

UMP 9 will now use .45ACP ammo instead of 9mm and will change its name to UMP45. The gun’s magazine capacity will be reduced to 25 default and 35 with a magazine upgrade.

Vector will be using the 9mm ammo instead of the .45ACP. The magazine capacity will be changed to 19 and 33, default and extended respectively. Vector’s damage is also reduced.

M16A4 and MK47 Mutant can now be fitted with Tactical Stock

Pistol P92 can now be equipped with Holo Sight and Red Dot at the same time.

Drifting thru the snowfield of Vikendi with your snow bike

Snow Bike will replace all normal Bikes in Vikendi.

PP-19 will be using 9mm bullets – with a max magazine size of 53.

The Sniper Rifle class AWM will get another buff to its body shot multiplier, as you would now be able to instant kill a level 2 vest with a shot on the chest.

The best vehicle on the map

All rifles will be able to use Canted sight – adding another swappable scope.

New running animations when holding SMGs.

Footprints and vehicles tracks will be added for a more immersive experience.

Here is the link for our post about Vikendi - as this map is getting the largest amount of new stuff in this update.