Vikendi is the latest map to arrive on PUBG Mobile, and many players are still unfamiliar with some of its mechanics. So here are a few tips to help you survive longer in this snowy environment.

Even though it was released not too long ago, Vikendi has managed to garner quite a bit of popularity due to its unique settings and interesting mechanics, which are significantly different from the other maps.

Pubg Vikendi

Vikendi has a size of 6x6, which is not so big as Erangel and Miramar, but not too cramped like Sanhok either. As a result, its play style is a balanced experience between the other maps as well. Basically any strategy can work well here, whether you like playing aggressively, hiding somewhere to snipe people, or running from place to place to avoid conflicts.

It really doesn’t matter where you choose to land in Vikendi. The map is not too large so you should have no trouble getting into the safe circle if needed. If you want to know which places have the best loot, check out some of our suggestions.

Pubg Vikendi

A vehicle is not too important either, so whether you should keep one or not depends entirely on the situation. Do keep in mind, though: The icy surface makes it very difficult to control vehicles, especially if you want to run at high speed. The map offers an exclusive snowmobile to combat this, but it can only accommodate maximum two people at the same time and offer little protection against gunfire.

Vikendi has a very high spawn rate of smoke grenades, which are great tools for camouflage. This will surely come in handy considering that the white background makes any movement easily detectable.  Be sure to carry a couple of these with you so that you can create some quick cover when needed.

Pubg G36c

Vikendi also replaces the SCAR-L with another assault rifle: the G36C, which is exclusive on this map. Just like the SCAR-L, this gun uses 5.56mm rounds and has a magazine size of 30, which can be upgraded to 40. If you can manage its recoil, the G36C is a force to be reckoned with. However, if you want a gun that is easier to control, then go with the M416.