Camping is the most basic strategy that a player could follow in any FPS game. In PUBG Mobile, a game in which terrains matter, good players need to learn how to use the environment to their advantage. The bridge, for example, is one of the so-called "choke points" that the enemy must cross in other to get to the other landmass. Learning how to take advantage of bridge camping is a mark that displays one's growth as a gamer. Camping the bridge helps an individual or a team to take control of a huge area, and it usually works because the blue field forces the enemies to move.

Here are some tips and tricks that would help you secure a spot on the bridge and increase your kill count.

Stacking multiple vehicles to block off a bridge: no one shall get through this spot

Time is of the essence

Being the first one on the site is essential. Sometimes, the idea of camping on a bridge makes players unaware of the dangers that might be lurking there. Unless you are dropping right on top of it, scoping around and carefully inspect the area would be a better choice. If possible, one should get to the highest vantage point to scan around for enemies on or around the site. The moment when the circle begins to close is when you should proceed to set up your sniper nest on the bridge to intercept enemies trying to flee from the force field.

20170929014344 Bridge Camp Cover
Be the first man on-site so that you could get all the loots for yourself

Be mindful of your current location

The closing blue zone is what makes bridge camping effective. Players escaping death through the bridge would get a nasty surprise - A lot of pros usually camp on the opposite side of the blue zone, lying in wait for the inevitable conflict. However, you can go above and beyond - camping on the other side and backstabbing the enemies when they get past

Maxresdefault 1
You can even get a motorbike on the top of the bridge

Strike at the right time when the enemy is out of position

Maxresdefault 2
The enemy is out of position - time to STRIKE!

Take the kill shot when the enemy is exposed - there are a lot of crashed vehicles on the bridge that could be used as cover. If you choose to blow your load too soon, your position might be discovered and that would lead to defeat. On the other hand, those vehicles also serve as a decent camp spot that you can hide behind.

Prepare the right weapon for the job

You would need a long-ranged weapon, preferably a rifle with an 8x to 6x scope, a secondary SMG, and a big enough stash of ammo. Bridge camps are setups to deliver kills quickly and accurately so, in order to make the most use of it, appropriate attachments that assist in aiming would be the best. Try to kill your enemy as fast as possible in order to keep any other players around from noticing your setup.

Pubg Sniper K1ss
Either a sniper rifle or any rifles with a good scope

Know when to retreat

Maxresdefault 3
Know when to get out of the zone

One of the most important methods of surviving in PUBG is "always be on the move". A bridge camp, despite being a great way to get kills, is the opposite of that. If the enemies discover the camp, they could avoid it or set you up with a nasty surprise later. It's important that you know when to abandon the location and run.

The bridge camp is one of the most effective strategies because of its simplicity in design. Enemies will inevitably be drawn to the bridge - to your ambush. It requires just a few things to implement such as a scoped rifle and average aim. Overall, bridge camps are essential in improving your rating and tactical ability - a must-try for any type of PUBG Mobile player.

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