PUBG Mobile is a complicated game where players have to aware of many factors at the same time with difficult choices. One of them is choosing the best attachment for your weapon, especially when choosing from many different grips.

Choosing attachment for your weapon can be confusing sometimes

When it comes to grips, they can increase weapon stability after shot, weapon steadiness or reduce vertical recoil, horizontal recoil or increase ADS speed. While grips won't win you the game by themselves, you will find yourself in a much better position to take down people. This guide here will show you the advantage and disadvantage of each grip, so you can easily tell which one will suit you the most.

Half Grip

M416 With Half Grip
Half Grip is suitable for ARs

Half Grip reduces a great of amount of recoil, making spraying enemies down much easier. However, there are trade-offs when using this grip. You will have to sacrifice weapon steadiness for the recoil control so you should avoid using this grip on DMRs or for long-range fights.

Vertical Grip

Pub G 1
Vertical Grip is one of the first grips

Vertical Grip is one of the first grips in the game and arguably the best grip in the game because of its ability to greatly reduce vertical recoil. Other than that, it has no drawback whatsoever, making it the go-to option for most people on every weapon.

Angled Grip

Like Vertical Grip, you can put Angled Grip on any gun

Angled Grip is also in the game from the beginning along with Vertical Grip. It reduces horizontal recoil to a great extent, so spraying from afar is more accurate. In addition, the grip increases ADS speed which might save you in some situations. The same as Vertical Grip, Angled Grip has zero downsides, so you can just equip it without any worry.

Light Grip

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Light is the perfect grip for SKS and.. nothing else

Light Grip doesn't provide any benefit while spraying, however, it is the best grip for single fire and sniping only. You can apply it to an AR or SMG to spray, it wouldn't hurt, but it won't give many benefits. Light Grip is best used with DMRs and the only DMR which can use a grip is SKS, making Light Grip the least useful grip of all.

Thumb Grip

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Thumb Grip is the most versatile one

Thumb Grip is a so-so grip that is good at everything while not standing out at anything. It reduces some amount of recoil with a significant increase in ADS speed and weapon steadiness. Thus, Thumb Grip is the one to take the top position for versatility.