To sign in a PUBG Mobile account, you could previously use the Guest Mode to enter the game quickly without giving away any personal credentials. However, the Guest account sign in method is now being removed, according to Tencent.

PUBG Mobile
Tencent to stop supporting PUBG Mobile Guest Login Option.

Original sign-in options

At first, there were two different sign-in options available for players. One being the Guest Mode while the other is for people with a legitimate account, which is via Twitter, Facebook or Play Games. However, according to the latest news, Tencent is about to remove the first sign-in option in the near future. The Guest account was a quick way to play the game yet Tencent now demands some level of information or data about every player.

PUBG Mobile
Guest Login option will be removed after 11:59 pm IST Aug 31st

That being said, it’s clear that guest account owners now need to find a way to migrate their accounts to another available login option. As the Guest Account feature ends 11:59 pm IST Aug 31st, these account holders have very little time to take care of their account.

How to migrate your Guest account data?

While you could extensively browse the internet for a solution, we provide you a quick and easy way to migrate your PUBG Mobile data as below:

First stop, enter the game and head to “Settings”. After that, choose the “Link” tab and select it. Here, find the “+” icon and tap on it. From there, you should be seeing multiple login options like Twitter, Facebook and Play Game. Now it’s your choice to choose your own most convenient platform to use for sign-in. Simply register your login details and there you go, your account data is saved!

PUBG Mobile
With a few simple steps, you can continue playing PUBG Mobile with the data from your previous Guest Login data.

In summary

Apparently, this appears to be an effort from Tencent to stop cheaters and hackers from doing their thing. Since guest accounts provide no credentials, it’s hard to track them without further information. Thanks to Tencent Games, we’re looking forward to the future with no hackers or cheaters in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile
The action from Tencent shows their robust effort to keep hackers and cheaters away from the game.