PUBG Mobile Lite, the variant of PUBG for weaker devices, has received a huge content update last week. The new update has optimized the performance of PUBG Mobile Life for a number of devices on all server around the world – and this week, players are going to get their in-game rewards in PUBG Lite.

Pubg Mobile Lite Chicken Event Banner 1200x664
The new costume awarded to PUBG Mobile Lite player

The current Winner Pass system of PUBG Mobile Lite is very similar to PUBG Mobile’s Royale Pass, as it also allows players to participate and complete a myriad of in-game objectives – and for each objective completed, the player gets in-game item rewards. To celebrate PUBG Mobile Lite’s critical success and bolster the 14.0 content update, the developer has decided to release a brand new in-game event. From now until Sunder, Sept 15, every player who logs in to PUBG Mobile Lite ten days straight would get a Winner Pass Upgrade for free.

Below is the full details of the 14.0 content update:

PUBG Mobile Lite games would get faster due to the update

New theme and rewards for weapons and new outfits for players

Updated settings section

Customization tips and emotes added

Graphics, UI and Update pack size improved.

Improve battle parameters and accuracy of RPG 7

Add bombing zones

Key features for the new update of PUBG Mobile Lite

Screen 6
Many quality-of-life updates have made the game look almost as good as the original

Optimized gameplay: PUBG Mobile Lite would give the player a taste of the classic battle royale experience on even more devices, with smooth and stable framerate.

Enhanced texture:  Characters, map details, and various items have been retextured for better visuals

Map structure optimization: The density of buildings and loots has been increased to speed up the looting phase – you would get to fight earlier

New weapons and game modes: PUBG Mobile Lite players would be able to experience quite a few new game modes and weapons that were added exclusively

Combat assist: PUBG Mobile Lite has improved over the original, with an enhanced aim assist feature – healing while moving is also allowed.

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