With PUBG Mobile’s season 8 ending, there are a lot of updates and leaks have been brought out online. A lot of players are expected to skins, other in-game items, or even a new weapon to tinker with.

Thunderstorms get added to Erangel

PUBG Mobile’s development team has decided to add a brand new weather effect to Erangel. With thunderstorms added, your struggle in the battle royale would get even more intensive. This update might be combined with the Erangel 2.0.

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Various weather effects would be added to PUBG Mobile, especially thunderstorms

The removal of UMP9

Another major update during this season is the overhaul of the UMP9. With its ammo box being changed into UMP45, there would be a lot of confusion and a few strategies definitely would be changed. The extended magazine augments size would also be reduced from 40 to 35 as well. The Vector, on the other hand, would get a buff with a bigger magazine capacity.

UMP9 would be less versatile

MP5K added to PUBG Mobile

A new weapon choice in Vikendi

The gun will be replacing the Vector SMG in Vikendi map, from the next update onwards. It is a decent submachine gun that can also be used for ranged combat.

The gun uses 9mm bullets and can be equipped with almost all enhancement including the 6x scope.

Canted Sight feature

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Use any sight you want with a button switch

A player can now equip two scopes on a gun instead of one – they can be switched easily with just a button

New Deagle Semi-Automatic Pistol

The Desert Eagle has always been a strong choice

New Semi-Automatic version of Desert Eagle. The current is already a super strong gun with great stopping power – a lot can be expected from its semi-automatic version. One of the more powerful abilities of the Deagle is its headshot multiplier, and we expect that this gun would have that as well.

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