While PUBG is mostly known as a 1 vs 99 battle royale, lots of players actually prefer Squads to Solos as it requires more strategic thinking and skills. In Solos, having good skills with a little bit of luck is enough for a player to win a  chicken dinner. But in Squads, without a proper tactic, you and your teammates will get killed easily even if each of you is a good player.

In order to become a great team, firstly, you need to give each team member an assigned role in order to play efficiently. Let check out the latest video from the official Youtube channel of PUBG to learn the basic structure for your squad. You can watch the video below.

Let first start with the most important role in the team, the Squad Leader. The Squad Leader is the one who calls the shot, tell the team where to go, which fight they would take, or how they should engage. The Squad Leader is usually the most experienced one in the team while having good in-game knowledge, a decent shooting skill, and good at spotting enemies.

Pubg Squad Tactics Squad Roles 0 54 Screenshot
The Squad Leader is the one decide everything

Coming up next is the Sniper. The Sniper needs an exceptional aiming skill while staying hidden to get as much information as possible. If the Sniper gets spotted, they will need to execute the enemy quickly and quietly. That means a sniper rifle with a silencer is the best weapon they need.

Pubg Squad Tactics Squad Roles 1 25 Screenshot
A sniper rifle with a silencer is the best

But when it comes to close-ranged combat, the Fragger is going to be the one who carries the team. The Fragger is usually the most skilled person in the team. They will be the one who leads a push or flanks the enemy and has the most potential to save the whole team out of a dire situation.

Pubg Squad Tactics Squad Roles 1 53 Screenshot
The Fragger is the most skillful person in the team

Last but not least is the Support. The Support usually will follow the lead of the Squad Leader or the Fragger to back them up. They will also be the one who takes all the medicine and distributes it to the whole team later on.

Pubg Squad Tactics Squad Roles 2 47 Screenshot
The Support usually backs up the Fragger

In the end, there are a lot of different ways to organize your squad. This is not the only way to organize, but it is a good starting point if you are still clueless about this matter.