Pistols are usually amongst the first gears you would obtain in the early game of a PUBG Mobile match. The reason that handguns aren’t used as much in PUBG is that each player could carry two main guns – when one ran out of bullets, they can just pull out another. Usually replaced by better guns as soon as the player gets their hand on one, you might believe that learning about pistols is unnecessary. However, as there are many achievements and quests in PUBG that requires you to get a kill with the pistol – knowing a bit more about them isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Pubg Automatic Pistol Scorpion 2
The Skorpion, an automatic pistol

There are 7 variants of pistol available for choosing in the game. Information about all their statistics is included in the below table. Keep in mind that everything is calculated on bullets versus an unprotected torso – the real damage dealt in combat would also be based on multiple other factors such as body parts, armor, range…etc


There are a few things that you should consider while using pistols:

Use the pistol as a side weapon only. If you could get your hand on any better weapon – even a shotgun, it would still be stronger than the pistol in close range combat. The time for handguns to shine is when you have depleted your main weapon’s magazine. In that situation, it's better to just pull out a pistol and continue shooting instead of futilely trying to reload. You become defenseless while reloading, and in an intense firefight, just one second could be crucial.

Pubg Pistol Glock 18c Playerunknowns Battlegrounds
The P18C, a good option for bullet spamming

Choose your gun based on your strength and preferences – if you are confident in your ability to hit the target, use the Deagle, R1895 or R45. Those pistols can pack quite a punch – with the Deagle dealing a whopping 62 damage per hit. Their weaknesses are the small clips – you have only a few tries before having to reload or retreat. If you are not a good shot, it would be better to use use the P92 or P18C in order to spam bullets. The more bullets you pump out, the higher the chance to score a hit.

Degl 3bga
The Deagle a.k.a Hand Rifle, with an extended magazine

Pistols plus silencer is an effective combo if you are going undercover – as enemies would not be able to hear you outside the 100m radius (there is hardly any sound, even inside the radius)

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