PUBG’s core gameplay is pretty much exchange gunfire over long distances – there aren’t many chances for the players to get close and personal. Comparing to any kind of guns, the melee weapons are just staggeringly inefficient – your best chance to get a kill using a melee weapon is to sneak and hit your enemies on the back of their head. However, there are a lot of quests and achievement in PUGB that requires you to get a kill with a melee weapon (and sometimes even the last kill of the map), knowing more about the peculiarities of them is not a bad idea. The best place to bring them out is indoors.

The most iconic weapon in PUBG - the Pan

In PUBG there are four different types of melee weaponry: Crowbar, Sickle, Machete, and Pan. Below is a table depicting the potential damage that each melee weapons would deal to an unprotected torso. The real value would be changed based on which body part you hit.


There are several things to remember when using melee weapons:

Melee weapons are something that you would use as a last resort. If you still have any other way to defend yourself, do it. To use a melee weapon effectively, you have to get close to the enemy, which is not always possible.

A brutal melee between team members

If by any chance, you are able to sneak and get a drop on your enemy without getting detected, you can try a melee weapon. All of them deals great damage, especially the Pan. A headshot using a melee weapon would instant kill an enemy most of the time.

Melee weapons can’t be equipped with any modification.

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Sneak behind your enemy for a surprise backstab

The Pan, PUBG’s iconic melee weapon, is the best out of all four. Besides its 200 headshot damage modification, which can one-shot pretty much every type of helmet, the pan can also be used as a makeshift shield. It can stop any type of bullet – even if they were shot from a sniper rifle.

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