There are a lot of ways for a player to regain health in PUBG – all uniquely created. Healing yourself might seem to be an easy task at first, but there are definitely things that could be improved upon. Learning how to optimize your healing usage might be the differences between a chicken dinner and a humiliating defeat. Below is our guide for consumable items in PUBG – all the tips and tricks in using them to their fullest potential.

All the consumable items in PUBG

The list of consumable items:

Adrenaline Syringe

Boost Adrenalinesyringe D1e3bddf

Instantly increases the boost of the user to 100 – for about 5 minutes.

Heal the user for 86 health

User gain increased movement speed by 6.2% for a brief period of time

Have a 6 seconds cast time and cost 20 capacity to carry

Bandage   Heal Bandage 7c6aec40

Heal 10 health points over 4 seconds, however, cannot be used on players whose health is 75 or more

Usable in vehicles

Have 4 seconds cast time and cost 2 capacity to carry

Energy Drink

Boost Energydrink Cebfaef9

Instantly increases the boost of the user by 40%

Heal the user for 23 health over about 2 minutes.

Usable in vehicles

Take four seconds to cast and cost 4 capacity to carry.

First Aid Kit

Heal Firstaid 57fc8495

Instantly heal the player to 75 health, however, it cannot be used to heal a player with 75 health or more.

Have 6 seconds cast time and cost 10 capacity to carry

Med Kit

Heal Medkit Ee6809c8

Instantly heal a player to full health.

Has 8 seconds cast time and cost 20 capacity to carry.


Boost Painkiller 1f441724

Instantly increases the boost of the user by 60%

Heal the user for 40 health over about 3 minutes.

Usable in vehicles

Take six seconds to cast and cost 10 capacity to carry.

When, how and where should you heal?

Firstly, you have to be in cover while getting yourself healed. This might seem like something everybody knows, however, the number of players disregarding this first point and sitting out healing in the open is absurd. Unless you are sure one hundred percent that there are no one around, do not heal right away and just run to cover first. If there are no covers nearby, a smoke grenade would suffice.

Using bandage first is usually something you would want to do – if you have the time, of course, since those things are common. It is important to save the first aid kits and medkits for later since they are the best method of healing.

Maxresdefault 1
Find a cover first before healing

If you are in the middle of a fight and cannot spare any time – first aid kits are the next to be used. With the cast time of 6 seconds, you can get back into the fight 2 seconds earlier compare with using the medkit. Those 2 seconds might create a different outcome.

Medkits are generally only used after a fight in the mid-late game since they take a whopping eight seconds to cast. They can heal you to full health, however, unlike the first aid kits.

Maxresdefault 2
You can also bait people with a first aid kit

After filling your health bar to 75%, players can then fill the rest with their other boosts, if available. It is common to use energy drink, however, popping out a painkiller is actually the better choice. The reason behind this is that Energy drinks only heal the user by 23 health points, which means the player can only get to 98/100 instead of a full HP bar. Those 2HP might seem little, but they would make a difference, more often than not. You can always find more heal if you are alive.

Using boost when you have to race out of the blue zone is recommended since the heal over time would mitigate the damage of the zone by a decent amount. Players with full boost would also gain a 6.2% increases in speed, which would also help in escaping the zone.