There are a lot of weapons available to the player in PUBG – the thing that separates good players from bad ones is the knowledge of how to make the most out of those weapons. SMGs are some of the most noob-friendly game in most FPS – and PUBG is no exception. The main topic of this guide would be the submachine guns – their stats and the best way to use them.

Guide for SMG in PUBG - one of the most popular gun type

The dev at bluehole did a good job at balancing the weapons in the game, as no weapon is exceptionally stronger than the others. Each submachine gun has the same power: the ability to dish out a decent amount of damage at an appropriate range. However, each gun is still unique pieces of work, with their own quirk and weaknesses. The Micro Uzi is best at hip-spraying at close range due to the fast rate of fire, with the trade-off of bullet power. The UMP9 is a great all-rounder choice – with decent hit damage, fast firing rate, large clip and next to zero recoil – you can just spam it for days. Kriss Vector is similar to Uzi – both have a fast rate of fire – however, the Kriss has higher damage. Lastly, the Tommy Gun – it has the highest hit damage coupled with the largest ammo capacity, however, you cannot use any sight attachment on it. Below are a quick table for some important SMG stats.

Submachine guns' basic stats

As the table above has covered all the base statistics that you need to know about SMGs, the next thing that we would like to cover are the damage outputs of SMG to different levels of helmets and vests.

The table below would cover the details:

The effectiveness of SMG to various armors and helmets

Next, we would go over the topic of how to use the SMGs in PUBG

Micro Uzi: Has its own unique attachment: the Micro Uzi stock. The thing almost made the gun a literally different weapon as the hip firing quality with the stock equipped is massively improved. Coupled with an extended magazine, you would definitely be able to out spam most gun in close range – with almost pinpoint accuracy. However, the Micro Uzi can’t be equipped with any sight attachments so you would have to use the iron sight or just hip firing. A compensator can also be equipped, but you can go without it most of the time.

The Golden Micro Uzi

UMP9: The most used SMG, not just in PUBG but all FPS. Being the only SMG that can be used at mid-range due to its excellent stability – the lower damage output can be fixed with just spamming more bullets. With the decent size of its starting magazine, you would be doing that for days. Attachments are not a necessity when using the UMP9, however, having some is still pretty nice. The ones you should be aiming for are a suppressor, a vertical or angled grip, and lastly, an extended quickdraw magazine. Using this gun is super easy as you can just point at your target and spam – it has next to no recoil!

The UMP9 is one of the best guns in the game

Kriss Vector: Arguably one of the best choice for close-range combat in the game. Lightning-fast rate of fire combined with high bullet damage, it could make short work of any target in a 1vs1 duel. The weakness of this gun is that the base magazine has only 13 bullets – an extended magazine mod is a must, otherwise, the gun is unusable. Outside of that mod, the gun doesn’t need anything else – but it still has a great number of slots that can be modified. You can fit the Kriss with a different barrel, grip, sight, and stock. The most effective way of using the Kriss is sight firing – but it can still be hip fired with minimal efficiency loss.

A strong weapon with a limited magazine

Tommy Gun: The classic gun that you could find in movies – it has a gigantic clip size of 50 rounds, the biggest damage amongst SMG class, and a decently fast fire rate. A great option if you are facing multiple enemies, as its higher clip would last much longer. The drawback of using the Tommy Gun is that the player would be stuck with using the iron sight – as no other sight can be equipped to that gun.

Eric Tahiri Gun
Spray all over your enemies with the Tommy Gun