After letting go of the DOTA 2 roster, Reckoning Esports is now forming a new team for PUBG Mobile following Entity Gaming and U Mumba. This is totally not surprising at all, considering the gaming scene state in India right now.

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PUBG Mobile is the most popular video game in India right now with regular updates and evetns

PUBG Mobile has blown up right from the start and is now the most popular game across India. The game keeps rolling out new updates and many exclusive events every month to keep players interested. The Esport scene was heavily supported by Tencent as well as many sponsors, allowing tournaments to happen frequently with large prize pools such as the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) or the PUBG Mobile India Tour (PMIT).

Here is the PUBG Mobile roster of Reckoning Esports:

Crusher: His real name is Divyansh Parekh. He is an 18-year-old from New Delhi and will be playing the Assault position.

-  Dave: A 19-year-old youth from Odisha named Biswaraj Moharana. He will play as Assault/ Sniper in the team.

Don: His name is Akshay Taneja. He is 20 years old, from New Delhi. He will take the Support/ Filter role for the team.

- IBXN: Ansari Iban is a 17-year-old from Mumbai. This man will take the most important role as the In Game Leader and Support.

- Sartan: Last but not least, Rishab Choudhary, a 19-year-old guy from Jodhpur. He will play the Support role in the team.

Five members of the new Reckoning Esports PUBG Mobile team Crusher, Dave, Don, IBXN, Sartan

The team has been testing their skill at some local and online PUBG Mobile tournaments. However, the upcoming PMCO Fall Split and the PMIT are going to be the real challenge and the chance for them to prove how strong they are.