The next episode of PUBG Mobile Star Challenge is here, with the best content creators of PUBG all around the world teaming up with pro teams in the ultimate battle for fame and prize. PMSC is a massive tournament with a prize pool of 1.7 crores, with the winner taking home 0.7 crores. The second and third place only get half as much, but that is still a respectable amount.

Team SouL and their paired creator

What makes this tournament stand out from the rest is its format – PMSC is like a reality show in which you would get close to the players and content creators, as they pick a team to join them in their road to the ultimate prize. In previous episodes, we have had quite a few team-based competition, with pro teams assisting the creators in eliminating the competition. The plan is having the series build up in suspense and finally end with an explosion in the final day.

Dynamo and his team on the second round

All episodes of the tournament have been uploaded to YouTube, due to an agreement of Tencent with Google Play. Below is the fifth episode of Road to Stardom, with all the creators fighting in a three stages battle, which consists of sniping, parachuting and city defense. You can watch the latest episode below

In the first match, Indian creators Kronten and RawKnee did pretty well in the match, only barely lose to BulShark in a very pitched battle. Dynamo was defeated rather early, however.

Dynamo has garebooo on his sight

Gareeboo and team IND take third place in the parachuting match, whereas RawKnee and Dynamo took second and third in the city defense.

Kronten dominating the first round

Overall the Indian teams did pretty well, however, they haven’t managed to take the top place.

If you are interested in the previous episode of PMSC, check this link out.