PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019: Road to Stardom mini-series has reached its third episode – and with a twist. During the course of this episode, the contents creators and teams will be divided into other groups, as team SouL was joined by content creator Rolex while Dynamo Gaming is recruited in by SpaceStation Gaming. This change is based on the invitations sent out by the teams to their favorite content creators. If a content creator received multiple invitations, they could freely choose the team they want to join, after having the invitations shown publicly.

You can view the third episode of PMSC 2019 on the YouTube video above. At this moment, India’s top YouTuber, Dynamo Gaming, is leading the charge with the most fan votes, 443257 so far. In some of the funniest moment during the competition, RawKnee Gaming blew up jokingly on Rolex, who have been recruited by Team SouL. Fun fact, this version of team SouL still have MortaL in the lineup, as he would only leave after this tournament is completed.

RawKnee and his buddy in TeamSouL

There are just a few English speaking players and teams in the competition – and for better communication, they tend to stick with each other. Rolex and Dynamo pretty much switched places with each other, with Rolex going to SouL and Dynamo joined to Space Station Gaming. For content creators who were unpaired, a custom pairing was assigned later, based on players preferences.

The shuffle list of this round

India’s YouTuber groups ended up like this: Gareeboo with TeamIND, Rolex with TeamSouL, and finally, Kronten Gaming joined team Evos. The final event ended with Kenboo and Bigetron being the last team standing.

Dynamo said goodbye to his old team Rolex

After the rounds ended, the content creators were given another chance to switch. With that, RawKnee Gaming gets to come back to team SouL. Kenboo, despite the success with team Bigetron, had switched to another mysterious team – which would be revealed in the next stream on August 31.

PMSC 2019 has been a great event. A lot of efforts have been put into everything, from all the teams, content creators and producers. The PMSC 2019 final will definitely be interesting – it would be held in Taipei from September 7 to September 8, 2019.

For information about the previous round of PMSC, check this post.