The PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 Group A Finals in Jaipur has ended, and with that, four teams have been chosen for the Kolkata Grand Final. The event was held perfectly in Jaipur and a lot of things have been done to entertain the fans during the long waiting queue.

Rising HYDRA has proven themselves the best team in Group A with their excellent performance, as their spot in the Grand Finals was pretty much ensured after just two games.

Below are the match recaps and points table – along with the list of the teams who are qualified for PMIT 2019 Grand Finals in Kolkata.

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The Jaipur Final was a good event

Game 1: Erangel

The first game was played in PUBG’s traditional map, Erangel. Team Kill2Survive got the chicken dinner after an impressive 12 kills.

Top 4 after the first match:

Kill2Survive: 37

Avengers Assemble: 25

Rising HYDRA: 25

Team Dignity: 24

Game 2: Miramar

The second round was held in the sands of Miramar. iOWN squad took this one after an excellent 2v1 fight during the last zone to take out Hydra’s Zigsaw.

Top 4 after the second match:

Rising HYDRA: 51

Kill2Survive: 47

Team iOWN: 36

TeamTitans: 33

Game 3: Sanhok

Rising Hydra dominated this match, with 16 kills scored in total. However, they missed the chicken dinner on the Pai Nan circle – getting eliminated by The Saiyan Squad, who in turn score the chicken dinner with 12 kills. Below are the Hindi and English clip for the finals.

Top 4 after the third match:

Rising HYDRA: 85

The Saiyan Squad: 59

Kill2Survive: 58

Team Dignity: 52

Game 4: Vikendi

TeamTitans with their mad dash in the last zone took the Chicken Dinner in Vikendi. They scored a total of eleven kills. The best team in this game, however, is team ORB. They somehow scored 20 kills in a single round, with 29 points registered.

Top 4 after the fourth match:

Rising HYDRA: 98

TeamTitans: 81

Team Dignity: 77

The Saiyan Squad: 70

Game 5: Erangel

Team Rising Hydra was finally able to overcome their adversaries to get the chicken dinner on the last round of Erangel. With 8 kills and a whopping 31 points – their spots in PMIT 2019 is guaranteed.

The final standings of Group A:

The top 4 teams, Rising Hydra, TeamTitans, Kill2Survive and Revenge Esports have earned themselves a ticket to Kolkata for the Grand Final.

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Final Standings