Miramar, the biggest map in PUBG Mobile, is a challenge to many, as a lot of players decided to just skip them and stick to Erangel. However, to earn all the possible rewards available in PUBG, braving the sands of Miramar is a must. And to gain an advantage over the common player, nothing beat the correct use of some obscure loot spots. Instead of taking the risk of getting killed immediately after landing, you can just choose a safer location. This guide would tell you all about the most underrated loot spots in the desert of Miramar.

950px Miramar En
The four locations on the map

Power Grid

Lying right between common drop spots such as Pecado and San Martin, the Power Grid is often uncontested. A loot trip through the Power Grid would net you a full inventory – and if you are lucky, even a Flare gun. Despite the large size, there are a lot of covers available in the Power Grid for you to take advantage of.

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The Power Grid, despite being such a large zone, has a lot of covers that can be used to your advantage

Due to its proximity to the large combat zones, dawdle for a longer period of time in the Power Grid is not recommended. Either trying to set up an ambush or get out of there - if you could find any vehicles. It is also recommended to drop straight into the zone, as being the first one to land would give you a few seconds head start.


The main reason that the Prison is not as popular as other places are its location. That zone lies in the far corner of the map, and because of that, nine times out of ten, it would be out of the play zone. However, if you are determined enough and have prepared a plan, cleaning up the Prison is an excellent idea. The location has the best loot available on the map, on great quantity – enough for your entire squad to gear up. You would have to do everything fast then grab the nearby vehicle to chase the safe zone.

1200px Miramar 2
The prison facility lies on the southwestern corner of the map

If you cannot find any vehicles, try to get a boat near the waters for a quick escape. It is not as good as a car but at least it is something. Another advantage of the boat is that you can bypass the bridge that connects the island to the main map - there are usually a lot of ambushes there.


You can either drop straight on top of the zone or walking back to it from the north side

A decent location, however, the loots are scattered all over, so you would have to move around for quite some time to get the optimal loadout. At least they are placed on the top of the graves for easy detection. Decent loots can be found here, but probably not enough for an entire squad to share. This weakness is easily remedied, as the Cemetery is placed strategically near some of the best loot locations – you can get the rest of your loadout there.

The Nameless Islands

Pubg Hacenda Del Patron
The structures on the small islands on the east side of the map might contain a good amount of loot

An unnamed place on the map, people rarely ever go there. Based on the safe zone, you can either land directly on it or take a boat and get there. You would probably never get any contest while looting the place – the most important thing that you should be mindful about is the location of the safe zone. An escape route should be prepared beforehand.