Season 8 is going to be over, Season 9 incoming

PUBG Mobile Season 8
PUBG Mobile Season 8

How is your time in the Season 8 of PUBG Mobile? The ocean-themed outfits and the Infection mode surely has given players a hell lot of good time in the game. However, the time you can spend in this version is coming to an end because Season 8 will end on September 11. So, let’s enjoy your time Season 8 before welcoming Season 9 on September 13. Season 9 will come with a warrior theme, and excellent items as well. Are you ready for PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 9?

Pubg Mobile Warriors Unite
PUBG Mobile Seaon 9 Royal Pass

This season will bring along the 0.14.5 update of PUBG Mobile which will show you the performance enhancements for the best experience and such a variable system of characters. 

What is coming in Season 9?

Like other seasons of PUBG Mobile, this season, Warrior Unite, will come with a new look, which are warrior-themed outfits. Some items would change their appearances, such as players, vehicles, and weapons skins. Even avatar frames, parachutes, bags, and helmets would appear with a new look, as well. There are rumors that you will even be able to ride a helicopter and have a new riot shield.

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There will be helicopters

They will also be new weapons in Season 9. For instance, the MP5K, a submachine gun, is likely to appear in the game only on the Vikendi map. Using 9mm ammo, this gun will be such a great weapon with three modes of firring: Single, Burst, and Auto which you can flexibly utilize these three modes for your gameplay. 

MP5K - new gun in Season 9

In short, PUBG Mobile Season 9 Royale Pass is promising to give players with a lot of enjoyable experience. Let’s look forward to some further information from the official channel. It’s just a few days left.