About the Infection mode?

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The Infection mode is a new zombie mode in PUBG Mobile that came with the 0.14.0 update

The Infection mode is a new zombie mode in PUBG Mobile that came with the 0.14.0 update. However, this time, zombies will be controlled by players. The mode will have its own map call Lost Harbor with many buildings and structures for 12 players to run around.

There are 3 rounds in total, each round lasts 3 minutes max. At the start of each round, a number of players will turn to zombies randomly. A round ends when the timer runs out or when either Zombies or Defenders are wiped out.


The last 3 Defenders will become Vanquishers

Defenders will have two fully-attached ARs with660 bullets. Defenders will turn into a zombie with one hit. However, a Defender will turn into a Vanquisher if they can manage to be the last 3 survival. Vanquishers has much more health and use a machete. They can deal more damage and have an ability to do a larger cleave swing. Zombies will not respawn if they are killed by Vanquishers.


There are three zombie types in this mode, Stealth, Speed, and King. By default, players will turn into a Speed zombie at the start of the round or when they are infected. When a zombie gets killed by a Defender, they can choose to be either a Stealth or Speed zombie when they respawn. As for King zombie, you need to infect 2 players and/or obtain Boosters (3 if you were infected by other players) to change into this form.

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Zombie King has high health and an ability to boost the defense of nearby zombie

Stealth zombie: A zombie with the ability to turn invisible.

Speed zombie: A fast zombie with an ability to increase their speed for a short period of time.

King zombie: This type of zombies are slow but they can deal more damage to Vanquishers and have an ability to increase the defense of nearby zombies.

The Lost Harbor map

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There are 3 places that would give Defender massive advantage

The Lost Harbor is a very small map so, in order to effectively defend yourself from zombies, you need to acknowledge these 3 choke points on the map. Otherwise, it's really hard to survive on the ground as there is a lot of open space for zombies to approach you. Furthermore, one hit is enough for you to be one of them. However, before the round starts, try not to stay too close to many other players at these places because they can possibly turn into a zombie and infect you.



Stand at a choke point and try to stand as far as possible from other players or plan a way out ahead because there is a chance that people near you will become a zombie.

Early game

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Using chokepoints the best way to defend

Defenders: Get to the choke points quickly and try to kill as many zombies as possible. The more people are there with you, the easier to survive. Also, try to hit them in the head to deal more damage.

The more people the better

Zombies: Hunt Defenders who are on the ground first for an easy kill and increase the zombie number. If you are trying to push a choke point, you should go with several other zombies to increase the chance of success.

Late game

Defenders: Usually, the last 3 Defenders will turn to Vanquisers and they all turn into Vanquishers. Vanquishers doesn't move very fast so you need to try not to move straightly and stick with other Vanquisher to reduce the zombie count as many as possible. However, remember that if the time runs out, you win. So if there is little time left, you can choose to juke around by jumping on rooftops using springy rubber rings bar instead of killing.

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Vanquishers have an ability to do a larger cleave swing

Zombies: Sticking together to surround and kill a Vanquisher at a time is the best option. The play area should be very limited now for Vanquishers because of the blue zone. However, zombies can stay in the blue zone and not losing health so, make use of this advantage to position yourself against the Vanquishers.