Sound is a critical aspect of any shooter games. In a game where sharp senses and reflex can mean life or death, improving any sensory features can drastically improve how gamers enjoy the game. For PUBG PC and possibly all of the other versions, improvements in the sound department will be gradually rolled out in the future.

In a letter addressed to gamers just recently, the Sound Team of PUBG officially unveiled what’s called a ‘Sound Improvement Plan’. The letter indicated that every aspect of the sound featured in the game will be changed up and improved in the future as part of the plan.

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The project will begin with two planned updates set to be released sometime this month.

Here are a couple of new features that the plan will add to the game.

Instant Volume Reducer

There are certain sounds within the game are louder than others. A prime example is Red Zone’s explosions or the sound of a starting airplane. This can make it quite difficult (And annoying) to communicate with your team-mates over voice chat. A rudimentary fix that players have had to use before this update is to use the Ctrl + M hotkey, which mutes the sound completely during these occurrences. That’s why the team will introduce a function that will allow you to manually lower game sounds to a better level in the future.


The default key is F7. Once pressed, the volume will be taken down a certain percentage, which makes it more convenient to chat with team-mates but still allows you to be aware of your surroundings.

Tap F7 once more and the sound will be returned to the normal level.

Volume Adjustment Guide

Footsteps is the best thing that can give away the presence of the enemy. That’s why most gamers tend to pull their volume sliders up to really high in order to catch the tiniest bits of footsteps. However, it will also mean that sounds like gunfires can reach almost eardrum-shattering levels. In the long run, this is not healthy for the ears.


In response to this, PUBG developers added a feature called ‘Volume Adjustment Guide’ to help with setting the values for different types of sound in the game. The feature will allow the player, via the settings menu, to listen to the loudest sounds in the game and adjust accordingly to a more balanced level. An example of this is listening to the sound of a nearby explosion or gunfire.


Update 4.2 is when both of these new features are unloaded into the game.