Super League Gaming has officially partnered with Tencent Gaming to create amateur local esports competitions for PUBG Mobile.

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Super League Gaming is working with Tencent to create amateur tournaments

Super League Gaming is located in California, where they held small local competitions for everyone such as Minecraft competitions in theatres in the daytime. Now, the company is going to work with Tencent to hold PUBG Mobile tournaments around the US. There will be new amateur leagues and competitions with live broadcasts on stream and VOD (video on demand). From there they will build local and online PUBG Mobile communities in the US.

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Super League Gaming will help PUBG Mobile expand in the US

Using their experience in the gaming field, Super League will help PUBG Mobile to expand their player base in the US.

Super League Gaming will bring PUBG Mobile players in the US local game nights and a City Champs league, which is the premium competitive franchise of Super League Gaming. The City Champ league will allow players and teams from different cities to fight for their hometown and get to know each other. These events will expectedly to start this September.

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PUBG Mobile is getting a new zombie mode

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile phone games in the world with 400 million downloads and 50 million players monthly. The game just released the 0.14.0 update with many new features such as a new zombie mode, riot shield, and helicopter.