A popular title

PUBG Mobile is among the most popular Esports in India. The title has gathered a large fanbase and Esports athletes recently. The domestic competitive scene has grown large with many great talents. Orange Rock Esports is among the most outstanding names.

Recently, 3 Indian teams have competed on the international scale. Team SouL, Indian Tigers, and TeamIND played in the PMCO Global Finals. However, the issues with visa prevented both Indian Tigers and TeamIND from going to Germany to attend the LAN event. They eventually have to play the qualifier online with higher ping. Though having a disadvantage, Indian Tigers still put up a decent performance to finish #6, just 10 points short of qualifying for the event.

Orange Rock Esports 01
Indian Tigers was 1 of the 3 teams to represent India in the PMCO Global Finals

Shortly after that, the Indian Tiger roster has gone through radical changes and renamed themselves as Orange Rock Esports. They brought in ex6tenz from Entity Gaming and Jembty from Evil Big Fellas. The new roster would then find instant success when qualifying for the ESL Vodafone Mobile Open Finals. The Indian PUBG Mobile pros will travel to Milan this September to claim their share in the $132,000 tournament.

Orange Rock Esports 02
Orange Rock Esports will look to compete on the international scale this September

Going international

Preparing for the upcoming event, Orange Rock Esports shared their thoughts and determination to bring the Indian PUBG Mobile scene to the world.

Talking about their run at PMCO Global Finals, they had anticipated the disadvantage. It would be around 150-180 ping and they had to adapt to the situation. They avoided unnecessary close fights and got creative with the tactics. However, that was the best they could make of the situation.

Orange Rock Esports 05
Playing with high ping is not easy at all

Also, communication wasn’t the best at the moment. What is done is done, Orange Rock Esports currently focuses more on building the teamwork. They will be spending time together in the team boot camp, grow and develop as a team. Orange Rock Esports is looking to build up the strong bond among team members. It may take time but they need to understand each other’s strategies and strengths. This will build up the team chemistry and contribute to the team’s overall performance.

Talking about the team’s strategy when choosing to land in Pochinki from the airplane, Orange Rock Esports admitted it was a high risk, high reward decision. They knew their strength in closed areas and decided to try their luck there. It turned out well as the team did not encounter many teams there.

Also, in the international competition, there were better teams that outstrategized the rest and claimed the ticket. Orange Rock Esports shared that XQF, a Chinese team, had outstanding players. They performed well and impressed everyone here especially the Orange Rock Esports team members.

Orange Rock Esports 03
Better players contribute well to the whole scene

The underlying problem

Also, about the visa issues that prevented the team from competing internationally, Orange Rock Esports said it was a major obstacle for the team. The problem made the whole situation harder to deal with at the time. Now that they are under new leadership, the Orange Rock Esports team has hired a team of visa experts to handle the paperwork.

Orange Rock Esports 06
Hopefully, paperwork won't be the problem this time

The Milan Italia event is coming up and it should get better this time. Orange Rock Esports now should be realized as a professional Esports organization and receive the much-needed visa. Hopefully, the visa issue won’t be there this time and all will go well. Let's cheer for them in the upcoming ESL Vodafone Mobile Open Finals in Milan Italia this September.