Indian Football to the world

The information came as Khel Now – an Indian Football online news site claims that Indian Super League will play a role in FIFA 20. Previously, the news site reported that the league had negotiated with Electronic Arts (EA) beforehand. Apparently, the Indian Super League wanted to play a part in the latest installment of the popular Football series FIFA. According to many news sources, FIFA 20 will come out this September.

Indian Super Leage Fifa 01
Indian Super League will be featured in FIFA 20

If this comes to pass, it will be a leap for Indian Football. It is a good sign that the Indian Super League is recognized by the most popular football gaming series FIFA. With this, the ISL will be more popular and reach out to a larger audience.

Indian Super Leage Fifa 04
FIFA 20 will come out this September

Currently, Football is one of the most popular sports in India with many tournaments throughout the year. Moreover, the Indian Super League is among the largest. Each year, it gathers many top teams in India to create the most hyped league in the domestic football.

Going international

In history, FIFA added the Indian national team in 2012 and in the FIFA 13 edition. That gave Indian fans a huge pride boost as the nation is recognized by the biggest football game series. Football in India has grown large since then.

Indian Super Leage Fifa 05
Indian Super League has contributed largely to the growth of Indian Football

Also, Khel Now added that Electronic Arts (EA) will get to use all the ISL properties freely. They can feature the team logos, players’ model and playing fields. All of these will be included in the FIFA 20 as EA tries to replicate the Indian Super League in their latest title. As a mutual contract, ISL will get a part of the money from the sale of the game.

Khel Now also added that the Indian Super League will be first introduced in the mobile version of FIFA 20. The success of its initial introduction will determine further cooperation between FIFA and the league. The ISL has the potential to be featured in the game’s version for PC and other gaming platform’s editions.