Honestly, I could never imagine that the Indian Air Force will ever create a mobile game, but here we are. They have officially announced the game on their Twitter along with the teaser of it.

From the trailer, we can tell that players will play as a "proud, dependable, and fearless" pilot to dive in the enemy territory and protect the country. In a 3D environmental, players will control airborne combat vehicles to fight the enemy aircraft and destroy their base. But that not all, the trailer also revealed that you will get to control an anti-aircraft gun from the ground to defend your base from threats in the sky too.

Iaf Mobile Game Teaser 0 8 Screenshot
The trailer features the Indian hero Abhinandan Varthaman

Other than that, if you notice carefully, you will find that the trailer features a man with gunslinger mustache resembles the famous Wing-Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, who might be your character in the game. Also, at the end of the trailer, you will see and emblem with" A Cut Above" written below, which seems to be the name of this game.

Iaf Mobile Game Teaser 1 0 Screenshot
You will get to control an anti-aircraft gun to defend your base too

Currently, the game only has a single-player mode, where players complete their missions and do the duty of a real IAF pilot. However, they said that the multiplayer mode is under development and will come soon.

Iaf Mobile Game Teaser 1 32 Screenshot
Destroy the enemies and complete your mission

This game will be available for both iOS and Android on July 31 as in their announcement.