Developers of Among Us have created quite many mods that feature modern icons like Slender Man, Vampires, even T-Rex, and Iron Man. Needless to say, the game has attracted lots of gamers for its diversity.

Recently, Among Us Godzilla mod has been released at the time the Godzilla vs. Kong is making storms at the box office. With the new Godzilla in the Impostor role, here is how to play Among Us with the brand new titan.

Among Us Godzilla Mod 1
See what's new and tips in the Godzilla mod of Among Us.

Among Us Godzilla mod has new features for Impostors

Apparently, Godzilla can grow into the Giant Form to check out the full map from a distance, therefore target the attacks better and terrorize crewmates. Although each ability needs a cooldown time, there are so many that the Godzilla Impostor can totally destroy a crew in no time.

When you are the Impostor in an Among Us match (with the Godzilla Mod installed), you can opt to transform into the massive reptile almost all the time you want.

Among Us Godzilla Mod 2
Godzilla is the latest mod to be introduced in Among Us.

In Among Us Godzilla mod, the Impostor can utilize various new abilities:

  • Shockwave: The reptile stuns and shrieks crewmates in place. This actually limits movement for a short while. Useful when combined with Acid Pool.
  • Acid Pool: Godzilla spits a puddle of sludge which burns and destroys crewmates.
  • Throw: Godzilla can pick up any crewmate and spur them onto the floor like a soccer ball, defeat them as well as prevent other crewmates from reporting.
  • Giant Form: Godzilla has the ability to grow to a huge size. It can also see the entire map and target crewmates.
  • Atomic Breath: Only available in Giant Form. Godzilla will shoot a beam from his mouth and it can slice crewmates interfering it in half.

How to play as Godzilla in Among Us

These are the tips you may want to take note of while playing Among Us Godzilla mod as an Impostor.

The Impostor in the normal form or Godzilla can access both the Kill and Sabotage buttons. Therefore, the easiest method for crewmates to halt a rampage and intention is to push the Emergency Button.

Among Us Godzilla Mod 3
If you are an Impostor, read these tips to win!

Meanwhile, although this mod focuses on survival over doing tasks and social induction, it gives crewmates the chance to realize who in the group is missing or not seen when Godzilla bashes in.

Once it comes clear who is Godzilla, players can instantly vote that one out and still win the match. That is why Impostors must be sneaky and transform back to normal to avoid suspicion. The Impostor should also be seen frequently alongside other crewmates or be smart to frame the other.

Among Us Godzilla Mod 4
Here's what a Godzilla look like in the ship.

On another hand, this mod could be transferred to the new Among Us Airship Map. As a matter of fact, this map would pose more advantages for the Impostor for its sheer size. Crewmates would find it harder to see which member is always out of sight when the reptile attacks.

On another hand, the Among Us Godzilla mod was established by @LooKuM MRE for SSundee and his friends. It is actually unavailable for public download at the moment.

Among Us Kong Mod
Rumor has it that Among Us Kong mod is also going to be released.

Gamers may be lucky to enter a game that has this mod by joining a server that installed it.

Possibly, other modders will also program this mod’s version and make it accessible for wider use.

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