It is not the first time Valkyrae streamed her playing Among Us along with her popular colleagues including Sykkuno. However, it may be the first time the female streamer got a ban after she stabbed Sykkuno in Among Us.

Valkyrae Sykkuno Among Us

It seemed that there was an error in the mod Vakkyrae was using, leading to her being kicked out of the multiplayer game. In fact, she didn’t use any hack or cheat to take down Sykkuno in the game. That means the reason behind her ban definitely came from an error in the mod the female streamer used.

This incident immediately went viral on the Internet and there were a lot of assumptions around it. However, many said in a fun way that the popular game Among Us must simp for Sykkuno. Poor Valkyrae!

Sykkuno was born in 1992 and is amongst the currently most-loved Twitch streamers and YouTubers. His calm demeanor is one of the biggest factors to help him win the hearts online. He now has over 26 lakh followers and about 3.5 crore total views in 7 games.

The good news is, Valkyrae’s Among Us ban was just temporary. However, she must be surprised a lot as realizing what had just happened at that time.

Sykkuno Rae

While the female streamer has kept feeling confused, the netizens can’t get enough of it. Some even compared Sykkuno as the main character in an anime while Rae was just a side character who aims to eliminate him. Others, in a funnier way, said that killing him in the game means the violation of the terms and policies of Among Us. Maybe next time, Valkyrae and other streamers should consider before choosing to be in the confrontation with Sykkuno.

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