While the netizens have paid more attention to the streaming community than ever, streaming is never an easy game. Apart from their efforts to make interesting content, streamers often have to face multiple issues during a live stream. It’s not surprising that they sometimes lose their temper, or even get angry at their viewers. Here are 5 streamers who used to get annoyed with viewers at least once!

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Imane Pokimane Anys

The 24-year-old female streamer is now known amongst the top-world female streamers. Along with the huge number of streaming hours, Pokimane has felt annoyed with her viewers a few times. For example, in the past, some fans said derogatory words towards the female streamer, and no need to say how angry she felt.


Tyler Ninja Belvins

It isn’t the first time Ninja has been under controversies. However, Ninja sometimes got bothered by his fans’ ungracious comments or requests. As a piece of evidence, it was excessive of a fan to ask him to promote his music during a live stream. The popular streamer then didn’t agree with this suggestion because he has never had an intention to do business on his streams and his fan’s behavior should be called disrespectful.

Nicholas NickEh30 Amyoony

Even such a calm streamer as NickEh30 used to feel angry on a live stream. Accordingly, his Fortnite teammate swore on a live stream; however, he didn’t realize that a large number of NickEh30’s viewers are young adults. That’s why NickEh30 got mad at his colleague.

Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg

Like Pokimane and many other streamers, PewDiePie has faced a lot of controversies on the Internet. It was said that while streaming the 2020 game Ghost Of Tsushima, the popular Swedish streamer accidentally revealed his Playstation username. It was obviously a great chance for his fans to approach PewDiePie, leading to his account being flooded with messages. PewDiePie, of course, didn’t feel happy about it.


Felix xQc Lengyel

Besides streaming games, xQc is often found interacting with his fans by open their presents that are sent to his P.O. box. It worth mentioning that a fan seemingly wanted to troll him by sending an envelope containing syringes to him. xQc didn’t just get mad at the fan but he also intended to ask the police for help.

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