One of the most fundamental principles streamers need to follow since their first days in the streaming world is to remember to turn the camera off whenever the live stream ends or they need to handle their personal needs. However, there are still a lot of incidents in which streamers accidentally don’t realize that their cameras are on. A Chinese streamer in the following incident has got a similar experience.

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Chinese Streamer

The beautiful streamer approached the camera to turn it to the other side. But it was also the moment she made a big mistake. The hot girl then stepped out of the camera and started to change her clothes. It worth mentioning that her clothes changing scene was being reflected, without her recognition, via the TV screen that was opposite to the camera. And the netizens obviously watched this whole hot scene.

Even when the streamer returned to the computer, she seemingly didn’t realize what was going on at that time. As shown in the clip, her dress strap was slipped off her shoulders.

She didn't realize that the TV showed the reflection of her changing clothes scene.

Some of her viewers then recorded this hot scene and posted it on social networks. At present, this piece of the clip has gone viral and received a lot of attention. It is good luck that the female streamer hasn’t got any ban from the streaming platform. Although it was just an unintentional accident, she can definitely receive a ban. This incident is also a reminder for the streamer in question, as well as many other streamers, saying that checking the camera carefully is always necessary.

However, it can be undeniable that the incident in question helped her earn 1 lakh followers after only one night. Hopefully, the female streamer will be more careful in the upcoming time or she may face a ban if a similar incident once gain happens.

Streamer 1

Streamer 2

Streamer 3

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