Among Us has steadily become one of the most popular games in both India and the world in 2020... winning two major awards at The Game Awards. For the occasion, Among Us's developer Innersloth has revealed the top 3 most popular and least popular colors in the game. With a maximum of 10 players choosing among 12 colors, there will always be 2 colors that will not be selected.

Among Us Gameplay 2

Among Us's most popular colors

Overall, the game is pretty light on the cosmetics side - the mobile version of the game only has 12 player colors and about 40 free hats, with a couple more that can be purchased with real money. According to the recent tweet from the devs, Red, Black and White are the three most popular colors - this makes sense, as these 3 are primary colors and pretty much the defaults in every game.

The reason behind this can also be the fact that the Red crewmate was picked as the main promotional icon of the game.

Among Us's least popular colors

Lime, Brown and Green are the least popular. With this data, the developers probably hope that more people would pick these 3 "endangered" colors instead of instantly lock on red.

Among Us Switch Version

In other news, Among Us has just launched on the Nintendo Switch, claiming the last viable platform for this kind of game. It would probably not work on consoles, due to a keyboard requirement for chatting.

The Switch version will not be free, unlike the mobile ones - this is probably because of the existing in-game ads.

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