Among Us is amongst the most popular mobile game in India right now. Its unique murder mystery puzzler gameplay is a breath of fresh air in a gaming market flooded with mobile shooters. In this game, you would play as a member of a group of astronauts to complete various tasks across a map (it can be either a spaceship, a research station...). None of those tasks are hard to do... however, the crew is stalked by a murderous "Impostor" hidden amongst them.

Among Us Tips and Tricks

In this guide, we would list out all the most useful Among Us Tips and Tricks to win the game, as either Crewmates or Impostors. Among Us is divided into 2 different halves - with the winning condition of Crewmates and Impostor being pretty different.

1 - Among Us Tips And Tricks Crewmate

The winning conditions for Crewmates are to complete all the tasks before the Impostor kills everyone... or uncover the identity of the impostor and vote him out.

Among Us tips for Crewmates
Among Us tips for Crewmates

Complete Tasks

This might sound obvious, but you need to do this in order to win. Try doing a bunch of tasks in one area at a time (if those tasks are relatively close together). This would be much more efficient and you would not have to walk around too much on the map (pretty risky as you might get ambushed by an impostor).

Don't be too focused on the tasks

If you have any spare time between tasks, try to keep an eye out for other people to get clues for the true identity of the impostor. This can be very useful as you can stumble upon them killing a person, for example.

Be Aware of your Surroundings

Some tasks would cover up the whole screen and leave you unable to see anything in the vicinity. Consider not doing these things if there are suspicious people nearby. If you are new to the game, consider doing the longer tasks first so that you would have protection amongst a crowd of people.

Among Us tips for Crewmates

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Safety in Numbers

Try to pair up with another Crewmate so that you two could cover for each other - it would be much harder for an Impostor to try to kill more than one person. However, be careful, as that person might be an Impostor himself. It would be safest if you are with more than two crewmates.

Do a Visual Task so that people can vouch for you

Visual Tasks are special - a player who is able to do visual tasks is always a crew member. However, not many tasks in the game are visual.

Among Us tips for Crewmates

Try to keep an eye on people who completed critical tasks too. For example, if you are heading over to fix the power or light, try to remember who was there and take note if they have completed the task or not.

Ask Questions

Doubt people - an Impostor would always try to accuse an innocent. Try to ask questions first and don't just follow the first accusation you hear, as it might be an impostor trying to thin the crew.

Keep a lookout for odd behaviors

It is worth making a mental note of the strange behaviors of other people in the crew so that you could have a better idea if a person is suspicious or not. Below are a few examples:

  • Standing near vents without any reason
  • Standing around without doing obvious tasks
  • Not able to clearly describe the tasks they did during the round
  • Making excuses for not completing tasks
  • Staying in a room without many tasks or the tasks are already completed.
  • Standing near doors without entering frequently


Don't hesitate to skip a vote if no one was able to convince you. The game can still be won by completing tasks - ejecting an innocent crew member would be a great detraction to that.

Among Us tips for Crewmates

Know the map

Read our guide for all 3 maps in Among Us for everything about the tasks you need to do.

2 - Among Us Tips And Tricks Impostor

The winning condition for Impostors is to bring the number of Crewmates down until it is equal to the number of Impostors.

Among Us tips for Imposter
Among Us tips for Imposter

Try to Blend in

You need to know the locations of the tasks - this is the most important part of pretending to be a crewmate. Standing next to a task and wait - the more people see you, the better. When asked about your tasks at the end of the round, mention the tasks you faked and their location to be more convincing.

Play the practice mode first to learn the tasks on all three maps.


Try to accuse other people to throw the suspicion off you. Don't be too obvious and make a racket, as the attention might come back to bite you in the ass. Target lone players when you accuse - people moving in a crowd might turn on you instead, as they know of each other's innocence.

Among Us tips for Imposter

If the crewmates accuse the wrong person, double down on it to get them out. Team up if there are other impostors.

Watch the Kill Counter

There is a Kill cooldown timer. Don't go in for the kill if you have to chase someone around for 15 secs. Be strategic about who you kill - people who did Visual tasks are prime targets.


Sabotage rooms, lock players in... all these actions would delays players from doing their tasks. Locking players together can cause suspicion too - you can play this to your advantage.

Among Us tips for Imposter

Create Distractions

You can create a distraction to lure people to a certain spot to kill... or lure them away to get a kill on the person who stayed.

Be Cautious when using Vents

Vents are a great way to move around without getting detected... however, if anyone sees you coming out of a vent, they would immediately know you are the impostor.

Among Us tips for Imposter

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