The free mystery puzzle game Among Us is getting more and more popular right now in India. In this game, you would step into the shoes of an Astronaut or "crew member" working on one of 3 locations and try to figure out who is the impostor amongst them before they are all murdered.

Among Us Maps And Tasks

Tasks are crucial in this game - you need to do them constantly to maintain the ship and win. In this ultimate guide for Among Us Maps and Tasks, we would list out everything you need to know about tasks in Among Us.

1 - About Among Us Maps And Tasks Guide

There are 3 types of tasks in Among Us: Short Tasks, Long Tasks and Common Tasks. Some of them are also considered Visual Tasks (people who do Visual Tasks are 100% not impostors).

Among Us Maps And Tasks

There is no way to be sure about the certain length of "short" and "long" tasks - some tasks are considered "long" on certain maps and "short" on others. Common Tasks are assigned to the whole crew - everyone would have the same list of common tasks.

2 - Common Tasks in Among Us

These tasks are probably the most important things to know in the game. They are always prioritized at the first positions in the taskbar, before long and short tasks.

Below is the list of all common tasks:

  • Fix Wiring (All Maps): Matching up colored wires
  • Swipe Card (The Skeld, Polus): Move the card at a specific speed without stopping
  • Enter ID Code (MIRA HQ): Enter the code on the card in your wallet into the keypad in Admin.
  • Insert Keys (Polus): Select the panel on the right side to bring up the key slots. Select the glowing one and turn the key.
  • Scan Boarding Pass (Polus): Select the middle terminal, bring up your key card and click the boarding pass to flip it. Use the scanner.

3 - Among Us Tasks on Multiple Maps

These are the tasks that can be found on more than one map. While they are nearly identical, there would be certain differences between each map's version of the task.

Below is the list of all "multiple map tasks":

  • Chart Course, Short (All Maps): Click a console and drag the ship along the dotted course.
  • Unlock Manifolds, Short (All Maps): Type the number 1-10 in a console.
  • Clear Asteroids, Visual* Long/Short (All Maps): Shoot down 20 asteroids.
among us snow map tasks
Among Us snow map tasks: shoot down asteroids
  • Submit Scan, Visual Long/Short (All Maps): Stand still on a platform to scan.
  • Start Reactor, Long (All Maps): Repeat the flashing pattern 5 times.
  • Empty Garbage/Empty Chute, Visual* Short/Long (All Maps): Pull a level and wait until there is no garbage left.
  • Fuel Engines, Long/Short (All Maps): Grab the Gas and fuel the engines.

Among Us Maps And Tasks

  • Inspect Sample, Long (The Skeld, Polus): Select the sample tray, wait 60 seconds then select it again.
  • Download and Upload Data, Long (The Skeld, Polus): Click on a certain panel then head to communication/admin.
  • Clean O2 Filter, Short (The Skeld, MIRA HQ): Clean the vent in O2
  • Divert Power, Short (The Skeld, MIRA HQ): Flip the switch to divert powers to rooms in Electrical.

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4 - Unique Tasks on The Skeld

The Skeld is a spaceship moving in Space - the unique tasks on this map all related to this fact. Below is the list of all unique tasks on the Skeld.

among us skeld map tasks
Among Us Skeld Map Tasks: A complete Map Guide for The Skeld
  • Stabilize Steering, Short: You have to select the crosshair target in the middle of the screen.
  • Calibrate Distributor, Short: When the spinning node connects with the wiring, click the button on the left. If you fail the task would be reset.
  • Align Engine Output, Short: Always work on the top engine first

5 - Unique Tasks on MIRA HQ

Mira HQ is the hardest map in Among Us due to the lack of cameras and fully interconnected vents. At least the tasks are relatively close together.

among us mira map tasks
Among Us Mira Map tasks: A complete map guide for MIRA HQ
  • Buy Beverage, Short: Buy the correct beverage based on the scribble you are given
  • Sort Samples, Short: Put shiny geodes in the gem box, plant fossils in the leaf box and animal fossils in the paw print box.
  • Process Data, Short: Select the computer in the back of the room and wait
  • Run Diagnostics, Short: Use the console on the left and wait 60 seconds to use it a second time.
  • Assemble Artifact, Short: Do a Jigsaw puzzle with the crystal pieces.
  • Water Plants, Long: Pick up the watering can and go to the greenhouse to water the plants.
  • Measure Weather, Short: Click the switch, activate the terminal then wait.

6 - Unique Tasks on Polus

Polus is the largest map in the game - you would have to spend a lot of time running around. Most of the tasks related to the data gathering, maintaining and running tests of the Polus colony.

among us maps and tasks polus
Among Us Maps And Tasks Polus: A completed map guide for Polus
  • Open Waterways, Long: Spin 2 valves in the Boiler room and 1 outside Admin.
  • Record Temperature, Short: Select the thermostat. Change the temperature on the left to match the right
  • Repair Drill, Short: Click on the four red corners until they are gone.
  • Align Telescope, Short: Move the telescope around to find the object.
  • Replace Water Jug, Long: Take water from the Boiler room to the Office.
  • Monitor Tree, Short: Line up the four columns to make sure the slider sits at the top of the colored bars.
  • Fill Canisters, Short: Fill two canisters in O2
  • Reboot Wifi, Long: Toggle the Wifi switch in Communications then turn it on again after 40 seconds.
  • Fix Weather Nodes, Short: Find the broken weather nodes and fix them.
  • Store Artifacts, Short: Place the 4 objects into correctly shaped holes.

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