Arknights is a strategical tower defense slash RPG with great gameplay depth that would take quite a while to get used to. While the devs have done a decent job with the tutorial, there are various tips and tricks you need to know to get a better start in the game.

In this Arknights Beginner Guide 2020, we would list out the top 10 most useful tips and tricks that beginners must know when they start to play the game.

1 - Spend all your initial currency to get new characters ASAP

In the beginning, the game would give you a certain amount of Orundum (premium game currency) along with various operator recruitment permits. You need to use them all as soon as possible to bolster your forces. Don't worry about saving for a specific banner, as you will get more of those later.

Arknights Beginner Guide 2020
Try to get more characters immediately

2 - Level up your 3 stars characters

In Arknights, upgrade materials are very important - and it is best to save them for the characters who are actually useful. Because of this, in the early game, you should focus on leveling the 3 stars operators. While these operators in general have lower stats and weaker skills, leveling them would bring quite a few advantages.

Arknights Beginner Guide 2020
The 3 stars are the easiest to level

Firstly, they don't cost any material to be upgraded to Elite 1 - the only thing you need is 10000 Lungmen dollars for each. Early battles in the first few worlds are easy enough that you don't need powerful characters at all (if you got any 6 stars from banners, just level them up and focus on them, of course).

3 Stars characters also give various useful bonuses for factories, trading posts and various other facilities in the base.

3 - Prepare for each new operator banners

In Arknights, character banners switch in and out pretty frequently. The game has a "safety net" method that would give you a 5-star character or higher for the first 10 pull... This is why you need to save enough to pull in each banner up to 10 times to get the bonus.

Arknights Beginner Guide 2020
Prepare for new banners

4 - Put together a "Core" team

Arknights have 8 classes: Guard, Vanguard, Defender, Medic, Sniper, Specialist, Caster and Supporter. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses - they can all be useful in certain situations. In general, you should level up at least two operators for each class. It is recommended that you leave Specialist and Supporter for last, as they are "situational" classes that only shine in certain situations - you only need damage in the first few worlds.

Arknights Beginner Guide 2020
Build a team of 12 operators

5 - Try to complete Daily and Weekly Missions

These quests would give you a lot of useful materials and resources to improve your base and operators. You must complete them every time they are available.

Arknights Beginner Guide 2020
Complete all the missions

6 - Unlock new features by clearing the story

Try to complete the first three worlds as fast as possible so that more features would be unlocked. During the tutorial missions, you will become more familiar with the various different classes and their functions. You will also get a few operators for free as well.

Arknights Beginner Guide 2020
The first three worlds need to be completed ASAP

Below are the various important missions that would unlock important features in the game:

  • Mission 0-2 grants access to 2 recruitment slots
  • Mission TR-5 unlocks the Comrade slot in combat
  • Mission 0-10 allows you to access the shop
  • Mission 0-11 grants access to the Base
  • Missions 1-1 unlocks the Control Centre 2.0
  • Mission 1-5 unlocks Annihilation Operation

7 - Build your Base correctly

The facilities in the base would generate the majority of the resources that you would need to upgrade your operators. Try to build and upgrade it as soon as you are able.

Arknights Beginner Guide 2020
Build your base correctly

The optimal build for the base is 4 Factories, 2 Trading Posts and 3 Power Plants. With 4 factories, you would be able to generate just enough gold for the Trading Posts to sell for Lungmen dollars... while still able to produce some experience card on the side.

3 Power Plants is required to build up your entire base - this cannot be changed whatsoever.

8 - Use Practice Ticket to learn the map first before spending your sanity

Every day you would get 30 practice tickets - try to use them every time you start a new map. This might waste a little bit of your time, but it would cut down the sanity waste that could happen, especially in the harder Challenge mode. If you lose a map in normal mode, only one sanity is lost... however, if you lose a map in Challenge mode, half of the sanity spent is gone.

Arknights Beginner Guide 2020
Use the practice mode

9 - Focus on upgrading your damage dealers first

Support operators like defenders or medics can wait - you need to upgrade the trinity of damage dealers: Guards, Snipers and Casters first. There are exceptions of course, but not too many. Resources gained should be prioritized on upgrading their levels and skills.

Arknights Beginner Guide 2020
Level up damage dealers

10 - Clear out the supplies maps as soon as you can

Supply maps give out a generous amount of various needed resources to upgrade your operators and construct your base - try to complete them as soon as possible.

Arknights Beginner Guide 2020
Clear out supply maps

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