Among Us has become super popular in both India and the world as of late... In this game, 4 to 10 players would become Crewmates on a spaceship or station and try to figure out who amongst them is an impostor (there can be up to 3 of them!).

While there is no way for the Crewmates to go against the impostor except for the vote, being one isn't that easy - you would have to go against the cautious eyes of pretty much everyone. In this article, we would list out the top 10 best Among Us Imposter Tips to help you evade identification.

1 - Properly Fake Tasks

To do this, stand still in the task spot and wait for a little while other players are near so that you would get an alibi. Try to do this in the early game along with other Crewmates.

best imposter tips among us
Best Imposter tips Among Us: timing is the key

Timing is pretty important - try to not finish your task too early. While most tasks are pretty fast and do not take more than a couple of seconds to complete, some of them are pretty slow. Spare a few seconds standing still for longer than the usual tasks required so that people would not suspect you.

Learn about the length of each task and find out the long ones. Stay clear of the visible tasks as you can't fake them.

2 - Kill "immune" players ASAP

Players who have done visual tasks in front of others are called "immune", as they are 100% not an impostor. You need to kill them immediately as if they accuse you, other players would pick you to eject and win the game.

Among Us Pro Imposter Tips
Among Us Pro Imposter Tips: Kill dangerous targets ASAP

If there are Crewmates following the immune player, use sabotage to isolate them.

3 - Act naturally

Talk, accuse and vote normally as if you are a Crewmate. Be as honest as the situation allowed, as people might be asking trick questions to check if you are lying.

Among Us Imposter Tips
Among Us Imposter Tips: Just act like you know something is going on

Don't be too aggressive and draw attention to yourself - even if you managed to evict a player with yelling, you might be the next one to go. Try to fake being a noob by asking stupid questions - this might fool some players.

4 - Be proactive

If someone sees you kill people or near a dead body,  they are definitely going to accuse you. Defending yourself is much harder than going on the offensive... so it is important that you accuse the witness first or explain yourself to confuse people.

Among Us Solo Imposter Tip
Among Us Solo Imposter Tip: Confuse the crew with your accusations

5 - Build up your credibility

You would need the crew members to trust you and eject as many of their own as possible... and covering for other players is a good way to build up trust. A phrase like "I saw red complete a task, he is not sus" would make you look trustworthy... and the other player you vouch for would remember and might not vote you out later.

among us tips and tricks for imposter
Among Us tips and tricks for imposter: Try to trick them into believing you

6 - Crowd kill

When at least 4 players are standing at the same location and suddenly one of them gets killed, it is actually pretty hard to find out who the killer was. In the early game, you can try to sabotage the reactor so that many players would come to fix it. Blend in, wait a few seconds then strike - don't forget to act surprised afterward.

Among Us Imposter Tips
Among Us Imposter Tips: Crowd kill is a high risk, high rewards strategy

7 - Vent kill

This is a pretty basic combo. Wait for your victim inside a vent, kill them, sabotage the room, and jump back in. When the second victim come to fix the sabotage, jump out and kill them before they can report the dead body.

Among Us tips and tricks for imposter
Among Us tips and tricks for imposter: Vents are very important

This will only work in the early game. Don't try to do this too many times as your absence might get noticed.

8 - Be careful around cameras

If you see a blinking red light, of a camera, don't act suspicious, as another player is watching. They would not be able to perceive other players nearby, however - if you are near the Security room, it might be a good opportunity to dispose of the watcher.

among us solo imposter tips
Among Us Solo Imposter Tip: Avoid the cameras

9 - Keep track of Crewmate number

You would win immediately as soon as the impostor and crewmate numbers are equal. If there is just one more kill needed for that to happen, try to kill another Crewmate as soon as possible.

among us pro imposter tips
Among Us Pro Imposter Tips: Sabotage when you can

Experienced Crewmate would call an emergency meeting immediately afterward to prevent impostors from making the last kill. To deal with that, you would need to sabotage - crewmates can't call emergency meetings in that situation and has to walk to a specific spot.

10 - Pretend to be AFK

This is an unexpectedly effective way to win. Usually, if you stand still and wait at the same spot for quite a while, people would assume you are AFK and walk away. Later when someone comes near your spot, kill them and come back to the same location you were in. Don't talk and wait for another player to discover the body and initialize the vote. Wait for the vote to be passed before starting to go active again.

Best Imposter tips Among Us
Best Imposter tips Among Us: This strategy might occasionally work

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