The murder mystery party game by Innersloth has been bringing a lot of fun to gamers during quarantines and lockdowns. The game takes place in the isolated vacuum of space, with real people playing as crewmates and imposters. The main pillar of the game Among Us is the Imposter, where there will be 1 to 3 false crewmates trying to disrupt the mission in any given match.

Among Us: Top 10 200-IQ Tips To Help You Spot An Imposter Every Time

Who is The Imposter in Among Us?

The Imposter is the player who tries to eliminate the crew, silently murdering everyone and using discord to protect themselves. It is the most fun way to play the game, due to adrenaline and risk, and many players would like to just play as imposters every match.

Is it Possible to Choose to Be The Impostor?

There is no official way for players to choose to be an imposter. If you think about it, it makes no sense if you can be the imposter just because you want to. The objective of the game is to stay incognito, if everyone knows that "so-and-so" only likes to play an imposter, we will no longer have the element of surprise, and the entire game will lose all of its fun.

Among Us: Top 10 200-IQ Tips To Help You Spot An Imposter Every Time

However, just because the game randomly selects someone to be an imposter doesn't mean there are no tips, strategies and guides to help you overcome the struggle of finding out who they are among the players. Because of the nature of the game, there are indeed different ways to pick out suspicious behaviors that can help you nail the sneaky saboteur every time.

Here are the top 10 most common behaviors of an imposter you should always keep in mind as a crewmate:

1. Fake Doing Tasks

The imposter in Among Us will often pretend to perform the crew's duties. The first step of a high-IQ impostor is to fake tasks. Only crewmates can complete tasks, while the imposter pretends to do so when other players are around to disguise. They stand at the task site and wait for a while.

Tasks take some time to complete, so if you notice a player standing nearby and leaving very quickly, you should probably go find the emergency button.

2. Track Down "Clean" Players

When at the emergency meeting, the charges and defenses begin to fly. Some will say that a player could not be the impostor because he was doing a task together with another crewmate on the other side of the murder site. They are protected by the logic of truth, theoretically.

The other crewmates think the pair is "clean", increasing suspicions about the rest of the team. These "clean" players are likely to be the next targets for impostors to reduce the number of real crewmates. Follow these players who can reveal the imposter when they come for them next.

3. Defend Everyone and Avoid Accusations

You can often identify a good impostor if they follow these two rules: defend all defendants (creating confusion); not accuse anyone (accusing an innocent who is ejected would bring all the attention to the impostor).

4. Prefer Tie to Elimination

It is usually a good strategy for an imposter to save an innocent player from elimination. They will try to create a tie between two crewmates, and they will keep pushing the same thing next meeting. Crewmates will waste meetings while the imposter slowly eliminates them one by one.

Among Us: Top 10 200-IQ Tips To Help You Spot An Imposter Every Time

5. Take Advantage of Crowding

When at least four players are in the same place and one of them is killed, it is very difficult to determine who the killer was. The cunning impostor often uses this tactic. If it happens far from you, keep an eye on everyone who was in the same environment.

6. Sabotage and Feign Ignorance

The imposter may use a confusing tactic, such as at the beginning of the game, they can sabotage the reactor. Many players will gather at the same location to perform the task.

Among Us: Top 10 200-IQ Tips To Help You Spot An Imposter Every Time

Pretend you're running to fix the reactor next to them, by waiting a few seconds while everyone works on the task. Observe if someone was nearby and did not re-activate the reactor. Of course, the imposter will pretend to be surprised.

7. Move Around a Bit Too Fast

On larger maps, the travel speed of all players is the same for the most part. The imposter has an advantage as they can move quickly using the ventilation ducts.

If you have crossed paths with a crewmate and shortly after a body is reported, and that member claims they were on the other side of the map, with confirmation from the other crew, there's a very good chance that you have found an imposter.

8. Close Doors

A true crewmate has no reason to close doors on the map. If you see a crewmate closing the door, especially in places with ventilation entrance, be suspicious. It is a simple impostor tactic, but many still close their doors to isolate a crewmate.

9. Disappear Without a Trace

If you see someone entering a room, then you follow them and find a different body on the floor. The one you saw coming in is the impostor and is hiding or escaping the ventilation duct.

Among Us: Top 10 200-IQ Tips To Help You Spot An Imposter Every Time

10. Fear of Cameras

On the map, there are several scattered cameras that can be observed by crewmates. Looking at the cameras, you notice that some crewmates never cross this stretch. In which case, be wary as good imposters avoid these areas so they won't be seen killing anyone.

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