First, it was Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, then Among Us, and now comes a new indie craze that has caught the attention of players all over the world: Phasmophobia, the Kinetic Games title that invites us to become paranormal investigators. So what makes this new title the new ghost game to play at the moment?

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After starting to climb in popularity and sales at the beginning of this month of October, a very appropriate time to immerse ourselves in the ghost games to play out there, the reality is that Phasmophobia has already become the best-selling game on Steam and has stood among the most popular games being viewed on Twitch.

Also, as revealed on SteamDB, the game has reached a peak of 87,146 players in the last 12 days.

Phasmophobia, The Ghost Game to Play This Halloween

Currently available on PC and still on Steam's Early Access phase, Kinetic Games' Phasmophobia is based on the following premise: up to 4 players can form a team of paranormal investigators who will be in charge of detecting spirits and demonic entities, and collect evidence that proves the existence of these beings.

To do this, we will have at our disposal all kinds of instruments and tools that will help us to capture their presence in different locations. The theme, as we said, could not be more appropriate better in the month of Halloween as players look for ghost games to play at home, and that has been reflected in sales and audience ratings.

Phasmophobia is currently the best-selling game on Steam, ahead of the aforementioned Among Us or the ambitious role-playing game Baldur's Gate 3. In addition, according to the data provided by SteamDB, there are 56,159 players enjoying the title at the moment, although the highest peak in the last 12 days is 87,146 concurrent players.

How Popular Is Phasmophobia, The Ghost Game To Play This Halloween?

In terms of the number of players, it is still very far from Among Us, whose highest peak of players in the last month was 447,476 players.

Best Selling Game on Steam and Among Most Watched on Twitch

On the other hand, if we try to examine the game on the Twitch platform, we discover that Phasmophobia, the ghost game to play right now, has managed to carve out a niche among the audiences looking for scary ghost games to play in the dark. It has enjoyed an average of 53,118 viewers in the last 7 days, which has allowed it to sneak into the list of the most-watched games.

Regardless, it is still far from the 151,203 viewers that Among Us has gathered. But Phasmophobia has surged ahead of famous and well-known titles such as World of Warcraft, Valorant or Dota 2.

What is Phasmophobia About? Why is It The Best Among Ghost Games to Play at Night?

The task: find evidence of paranormal activity. The problem: ghosts. These are the basic elements upon which Kinetic Games created Phasmophobia, the computer game that is already the best-selling game on Steam. The psychological horror returns to the fray with an online cooperative mode, with up to 4 players, who will simultaneously progress and level up as they play.

How Popular Is Phasmophobia, The Ghost Game To Play This Halloween?

The name Phasmophobia owes its name to the condition that causes "an abnormal and unwarranted fear of ghosts." These spirits are the antagonists of this ghost-finding adventure, as they will seek to hunt down the investigators while they monitor the different, supposedly "enchanted", rooms.

Using a first-person interface, fear and scares are the main staples in Phasmophobia. The strong point of the game is undoubtedly teamwork, so communication will be key not only to complete the different tasks but also to get closer to the optimal "immersive experience" that the developer Kinetic Games promised, in addition to "realistic graphics and sounds" as described on Steam.

How Popular Is Phasmophobia, The Ghost Game To Play This Halloween?

The game's environment ranges from the safety of the truck in which the players start their adventure, to the usual gloom and doom within the homes that must be investigated. Within the player's reach, there are different tools such as flashlights, thermometers, or motion sensors. But time is also a factor to take into account, as the ghosts will become more aggressive as time passes.

Phasmophobia went on sale on September 18 and it did not take long to catch on with users, especially as well-known streamers began to spread the news of the game around. The ghost game to play is still in development and can be downloaded in Early Access on Steam.

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