One month ago, Among Us suddenly took the spotlight and became an unexplainable phenomenon in the world gaming community. Released in 2018, this game suddenly became more popular in 2020 than ever. It has created a series of impressive records and even kicked off many famous games to monopolize the first position.

Among Us Climax

There was a surge in the downloads of Among Us last month, making this game become the most downloaded app on both App Store and Google Play in Quarter 3 2020. Not long before, it even reportedly collected up to 15 lakh concurrent players on all platforms.

However, it was a story of one month ago. Among Us has now lost heat but it has recently been searched more. It worth mentioning that searchers don’t look for this game. It turns out that they are searching for the keywords ‘Among Us’ on pornographic sites - that means Among Us in the 18+ adult style.

Among Us Porn Site
This game is searched a lot on Porn sites.

The netizens can discover countless fanarts, memes, live-actions, as well as variations of this game, go viral on the Internet. Many of these products are created with the adult content in a bid to serve “other demands”, instead of playing and entertaining it. A recent report revealed there was an outbreak of the popularity of Among Us on a popular pornographic site.

To get more specific, there was a considerable increase in the searches of the keyword ‘Among Us’. Especially, it hit nearly 7 lakh searches on September 16. That means this game had up to 47 lakh searches on this popular pornographic site in September and about 115k daily searches on average. This figure is even bigger than that of Overwatch with the once-popular parody on adult sites.

Among Us

In the game Among Us, players form teams of 4-10 people who follow a mission to repair a spaceship by completing a series of different missions. While all players try to aim at the same destination, some impostors plot to ruin the remaining ones. Players have to complete the missions and find out the betrayals at the same time.

Besides becoming impostors or Crewmates, players killed by the betrayals will become ghosts and continue the game via boring missions such as observe their teammates or do a few simple missions.