Among Us is one of the fastest-growing mobile games in India to date. It is a mystery/puzzle game, in which a number of Crewmates have to figure out the identity of the murderous Impostor hidden amongst them.

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The Crewmates would scatter all over the ship to do tasks while the Impostor would try to catch them off guard to kill - however, if their kills are seen, they would lose the game. This is why locations are important - in this guide, we would list out the top 3 deadliest locations in Among Us.

1 - What constitutes a "high-risk location"?

It is very common for Impostors to attack in these locations. The common features of them are: low traffic, easy escape route and easy to create alibis. Outside of the three spots mentioned in this post, there are definitely other dangerous spots as well.

It is best to either avoid these below locations, bring a Crewmate or two with you, or doing the tasks inside it early.

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2 - The Skeld's most dangerous spot

The Skeld is the first and most popular map in the game... and because of that, its weakness is well known. The Electrical Room located at the bottom of the map is the easiest spot for you to die - if an Imposter follows you into Electrical, it is pretty much impossible to run.

Electrical is deadly

The worst part is that the entrance would not show on the security camera - the Impostor can just close the door and lock players in... and after the kill is made, he can just escape through the vent in the left corner.

3 - Mira HQ's most dangerous spot

Mira HQ is the smallest map in the game, with only 12 rooms. However, the layout of the base is much more complex, with long corridors. Staying together is much more advantageous for Crewmates on this map.

Decontamination 1
The decontamination corridor

The deadliest spot on this map is the Decontamination corridor that can be closed temporarily. If you are locked inside with the Impostor, it is almost impossible to escape. After dispatching you, they can just jump into a nearby vent to avoid detection.

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4 - Polus's most dangerous spot

Polus is the largest map in the game with 15 rooms. Because of the big size, moving around doing tasks is pretty challenging. There are a lot of dangerous spots on this map, but the riskiest is probably O2, as it is a small room with a hole (the alternate version of a vent) that leads to a location not covered by cameras.

Admin Polus
The decontamination room that temporarily locks you in near admin is a dangerous spot as well

Storage, weapons and communications are pretty dangerous as well.

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