2020 was a good year for Among Us - it became a global hit in the last few months of the year and won both the Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer Game at The Game Awards. The developers Innersloth has been working hard on improving the game... and during the same show, Among Us's upcoming new map Toppat Airship, was announced.

In this article, we would list out everything currently available about this map.

1 - Overview

Among Us The Airship

When would the map be released?

According to the developers, Toppat Airship is going to be available somewhere in early 2021 - we can safely assume that it would be released during Q1.

Why do they add a new map?

The reason that Among Us has been steadily getting new maps is that players have already "figured out" the current maps in the game... and can always use a fresh challenge.

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2 - Details about the Toppat Airship


This map is going to be the biggest in the game - even bigger than Polus. It is definitely going to provide players with a more unique experience... as it would be harder for crewmates to keep an eye on each other. An impostor would be able to score kills safely without getting detected.


Overall, this feature is made to counter experienced players... as sometimes it is just too hard for impostors to get the upper hand when the crewmates get the ball rolling.


The reveal video for the Toppat Airship showcases some of the new tasks on the map, along with the unique features that came with them. The most notable feature is probably the option to start at 1 out of 3 locations after the meeting ended. This would open up lots of new strategies for both crewmates and impostors.

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