The highly sought-after Among Us new map, Airship, is now available to play. One can say this is the biggest map and biggest update of the title since it went viral in mid-2020. See what is new in the Among Us new map airship download and ultimate tips to play.

Airship Among Us
See what is new, where to download, and tips to win Among Us Airship map!

What’s new in Among Us Airship map update download?

Upon the release of Among Us Airship download 2021, the developers said it includes a larger lobby allowing 15 players to play at once. Moreover, it has a renovated art style.

Meanwhile, new ways to run around and new tasks are also introduced. The game recently has an update where players can choose where they want to continue after an emergency meeting.

From assigning other Crewmates to carry out grunt work to polishing jewels and throwing a huge garbage bag, here are the new tasks in separate rooms:


  • Reset Breakers
  • Calibrate Distributor
  • Divert Power to Mail Hall
  • Divert Power to Gap Room
Among Us New Map
They also allow up to 15 players on this map.
  • Reroute Power to Cockpit
  • Divert Power to Showers

Meeting Room

  • Accept Diverted Power
  • Enter ID Code
  • Empty Garbage

Gap Room

  • Download Data
  • Accept Diverted Power
Among Us Airship Rooms
There are new rooms and new missions in the latest version of Among Us.

There are new rooms and new missions in the latest version of Among Us.


  • Stabilize Steering
  • Accept Diverted Power


  • Put Away Pistols and Rifles


  • Download Data
  • Sort Records

Main Hall

  • Develop Photos
  • Decontaminate

Viewing Deck

  • Fix Wiring
Vault Room
The Vault room where players polish jewels and dress mannequins.

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  • Dress Mannequin
  • Download Data
  • Polish Ruby


  • Fix Wiring
  • Clean Toilet


  • Ventilation
  • Start Fans
  • Accept Diverted Power


  • Empty Garbage
Among Us Mission Make Burger
An Among Us mission where you make a burger.


  • Upload Data


  • Download Data

Cargo Bay

  • Fuel Engines
  • Unlock Safe

Additional Tasks

  • Avert Crash Course (limited time)
  • Fix Lights
The Airship Kitchen
The Airship kitchen

Imposters will also witness some changes in vent locations, sealable doors, and physical sabotages.

In addition, Among Us new map airship download also lets players have access to a larger wardrobe. It includes free hats such as angry eyebrows, a heart pin, rubber glove, unicorn head,…

Among Us new map Airship download guide

Having teased about the Airship map since December 2020, the Among Us developers Innersloth satisfied with this brand new version. Among Us new map Airship download 2021 has been available since March 31.

Some may be quizzed on how to download the new map. However, despite a lot of new updates, gamers do not need to do anything too special to get access to the Airship.

Among Us Airship Map

After updating the app, Among Us Airship is available for you to enjoy. For the unknown, the game is free on both iOS devices and Android.

Get Among Us airship map update download in case you have not had the game on your device.

Tips for Among Us new map Airship

As the map is a totally new venture to a lot of players, here are the tips on how to survive and win this game.

Understand how huge an Airship map is

Simply, Among Us Airship map update download has the most expansive map by far. Big rooms and long corridors with numerous platforms mean crewmates need more time to get from this to another task.

It may take even the seasoned players some time to get accustomed to.

Master new tasks

Apart from the classic tasks everyone knows and loves, tons of new ones are here to level it up. However, similar to most tasks in the game, these brand-new missions are not too complex.

Among Us Ladder
The new update features ladders that users will use across the game.

Pay very close attention to the vents

Vents are the quickest ways for imposters to sneak around. In the Among Us new map Airship download 2021, they even get more to play around with.

The creators added four vent “clumps” across the map and crewmates should watch out.

Take caution in the Electrical room

This room may be a nightmare of navigation for users as it has numerous small rooms with unplanned opening doors.

Therefore, those who want to survive need to be careful as their tasks may make it unavoidable to enter the Electrical room.

Airship Map
Airship Map has creative features that will have you engaged.

Select starting rooms with a strategy

What separates this map from others in Among Us is that players can select to resume from three different rooms after an emergency meeting.

You can begin from Engine Room, Main Hall, or Records. You can strategically spawn into the closet room to your next objective. It will help crewmates finish tasks faster.

Use platforms and ladders to navigate levels

The airship map features many levels which make players have to use ladders across it. As a matter of fact, you can also make use of floating platforms as shortcuts between different rooms. On the other hand, players should also know the way to navigate the Gap room.

Currently, Among Us is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android.  It will soon reach Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S this year.

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