Undawn is a new third-person open-world title announced on April 6th by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, the PUBG Mobile developers who are also a Tencent’s subsidiary. Moreover, it triggers the question of whether it will be introduced in India.

Thus, can the release pave the way for the return of PUBG Mobile in India?

Undawn Vs Pubg
With the release of PUBG Undawn, players are looking forward to the re-entry of PUBG Mobile in India.

PUBG’s ‘Undawn’ to release in India?

First and foremost, Garena will publish Undawn for mobile and PC. Located in Singapore, the company does not involve any direct affiliations with Mainland China. So it is possible that the new game will arrive in India with little difficulty.

Free Fire which is another extremely famous Battle Royale game has been all along accessible in India. It is also published by Garena after India banned PUBG Mobile and other Chinese applications.

Undawn poster
The new open-world survival shooter game is quite similar to PUBG Mobile.

In addition, Undawn is open for Pre-Registration from the country while it is not sure about PUBG Mobile New State which is the incoming venture of the title. From a talk with a representative of Krafton, a Korean source disclosed,

 “It is true that India has been excluded from the pre-registration of New State. We are not planning to launch PUBG New State in India yet. First of all, we all will focus on the re-launch of the Indian version of the PUBG Mobile.”

Therefore, yes, the window for Pre-Registration is truly a positive sign.

Undawn Characters
PUBG's Undawn characters.

Currently, in a talk to Krafton chairman Byung-Gyu Chang, he received a question about the plans to introduce PUBG Mobile India. His answer went,

 “In my heart, I want to release the game as soon as possible, but it’s not our (Krafton) problem, it’s India’s problem.”

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When will PUBG Mobile return to India?

PUBG Mobile publicly cut every tie with Chinese Affiliations and officially registered as an Indian Company. However, no announcement has been out regarding the relaunch. India-hailed rosters are going to disperse regions to join Global PUBG Esports Tournaments.

Pubg Mobile India
Gamers in India are holding high hopes that PUBG Mobile will return after the creators cut all affiliations with China.

With all of these suggestions, its release will not be around any time soon.

All in all, with the launch of another Tencent title in India, Undawn certainly builds players’ hopes up. It is too soon to jump to conclusions after all.

While it is a bit similar to PUBG mobile, no other venture can reach the craze this game received from Indians. All we can do now is wait and hope for the best thing to come.

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