PUBG Mobile is a popular mobile battle royale title in many regions around the world. Since the game was banned in India in September last year, many Indian players have tried to play the PUBG Mobile Korean version instead because its servers are not restricted. PUBG Mobile Korean version is also famous for having many exclusive skins and rewards mechanisms for players.

Pubg Mobile Korea
PUBG Mobile Korean version is the alternative of many Indian PUBG Mobile players

The PUBG Mobile Korean version seems like a solid option for Indian players who still love PUBG Mobile and its ping is still good enough to play the game. However, that is about to end as PUBG Mobile KR just announced on their social media that they will longer allow players from other regions to play PUBG Mobile KR anymore.

PUBG Mobile KR restricts players from other regions and the reaction of Indian players

  • From 2021/05/01, users out of Korea or Japan are not able to settle the payment in KRJP build and might find network troubles during the play.
  • From 2021/06/30, users out of Korea or Japan are not able to log in anymore.

For Indian players, these changes will be put into effect from 2021/06/30 altogether. They also note that these changes are to improve the quality of their services and not because of discrimination. This PUBG Mobile Korean version ban is a huge blast to all Indian users as the PUBG Mobile Korean version is the best option they have right now to stick with their favorite title. Many people even spent their money to buy skins and there is nothing they can do about it. Many people have expressed their anger and disappointment on Twitter.

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