PUBG Mobile strikes yet again with another gameplay update to celebrate the spirit of April Fools' Day. But it seems like many players have problems updating the game or understanding how to play the new mode. So, if you're one of them, stay tuned! Here's everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank Download, how to update, and enjoy this game mode.

What is PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank?

As we have mentioned previously, Graffiti Prank is the new game mode in PUBG Mobile. The devs released this new mode on April Fools' Day, and it will continue for quite some more time.

In the Graffiti Prank mode, players will land in the Erangel map with a Clown Vehicle. Collect Clown Coins and exchange them for combat supplies like weapons, armors, or ammunition. Or you can exchange the tokens for special strategic items. They will tell you the location of the next Playzone, the next airdrop, or where the enemies are on the entire map!

Pubg Mobile New Update
A new update for PUBG Mobile is available

Moreover, there's also the new Music Graffiti Wall next to the Graffiti Square at Spawn Island in Classic Mode Erangel. Spraying graffiti on the squares will trigger tracks to play.

PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank Download Guide 

The Graffiti Prank is an update for PUBG Mobile 1.3, which was released on March 9, 2021. If you have downloaded and installed the game already, just launch the client and it will automatically update to the latest version. In case the game doesn't start updating itself, you can always do it manually.

Pubg Mobile Graffiti Prank On
It's time to get your prank on

How to Update PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank

  • #1 Open PUBG Mobile client, click on Game Modes
  • #2 Choose Classic Mode, you will see an update button on the Erangel Map
  • #3 Download the 15MB and start enjoying PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank

For those who haven't downloaded and installed PUBG Mobile, follow our step-by-step guide right here!

PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank Download for Android

On Android devices, players can download PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank from Google Play Store or APK distributors. Since downloading the game from Google Play is rather straightforward, we'll skip it in this guide.

Pubg Mobile Graffiti Prank Gameplay
Be careful when installing with APK

Let's check out the second option - using APK files. There are many digital distributors that have PUBG Mobile APK, but we recommend players sticking to well-known ones such as APKpure for the best security.

You can also visit the official website of PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank and download the APK files from there!

After you have successfully downloaded the APK file, follow our guide below to install the game:

  • #1 Go to Settings, check if you have enabled the "Install from Unknown Sources" option. If you haven't, turn it on.
  • #2 Locate the APK file, click on it to initiate installing
  • #3 Wait for the installation to complete, open, and enjoy PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank
Graffiti Prank Mode April Fools
Take your time to enjoy the new game mode in PUBG Mobile

Note: the APK file weighs 943 MB. After unzipping, it will take up to about 1.8 GB of space on your device. Make sure you have enough storage space for the game.

PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank Download for iOS

Since iOS does not allow users to install unknown files, the only choice you have is to download the game from Apple App Store. Go to the App Store, find PUBG Mobile, and download the game. It's just simple as that!

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How to Play PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank?

As we have mentioned before, PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank gameplay revolves around Clown Coins. These tokens are super important as you can exchange them for all sorts of items from the Clown Shops scattered across Erangel.

Clown Coins have two variants, gold, and silver. Of course, gold ones are more valuable. Players can find these coins all over the map, just like other loot.

Pubg Mobile Graffiti Prank
PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank gameplay revolves around Clown Coins

Once players have enough coins, head over to the Clown Shops. They are indicated on the minimap by a clown icon. Clown Shops offer a wide array of items, including level 3 backpacks, helmets, M416, AKM, and more!

Remember those Gold Coins? You can use them to purchase strategic items from the Clown Shops. Here's are the perks you can get:

  • Play Zone: Reveal the location of the next Play Zone on the minimap
  • Airdrop: Reveal the location of the next Airdrop on the minimap
  • Heat Map: Show the location of enemies on the map

Use your Clown Coins smartly to get the best equipment as well as take advantage of the perks to plan your attack!

That is it for now in our guide on PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank Download. If you like our article, be sure to check out our website at for more PUBG Mobile guides!