With the coming of the new bolt-action rifle named Mosin Nagant in PUBG Mobile 1.3, players have more choice for long-range engagements. M24, Kar98k, and this new SR are three non-airdrop bolt-action SRs now. But which one is better?

#1. Base Damage

The base damage of Kar09k and Mosin Nagant is equal which is 79 (when you shoot to the chest of the target with a level-1 vest). However, M24's base damage is a bit lower which is only 75. But it's enough for you to finish an enemy in one accurate hit to the target's chest, neck, or head at the early stage of the match.

Mosin Nagant
The statistics of Mosin Nagant and Kar98k are pretty equal.

However, the body hit impact power of M24 is higher than both Kar98k and Mosin Nagant. It makes M24 more annoying to the target. It made the enemy more stunned when getting hit.

Pubg Mobile M24
M24 has lower base damage but higher body hit impact power.

#2. Initial Bullet Speed & Bullet Drop.

Mosin Nagant and Kar98k have the same initial bullet speed of 760m/s that is very high. But it's still lower than the initial bullet speed of M24 which is 790m/s. Moreover, effective range and bullet drop are two important elements of a bold-action rifle. The effective range of these SRs is pretty equal but M24 has a longer zero-distance.

The Bullet Lines Of Mosin Nagant
The Bullet Lines Of Mosin Nagant And Kar98k Are Not As Straight As The Bullet Line Of M24.

In specific, the damage of M24 drops from 120m while the damage of Mosin Nagant and Kar98k drops from 100m. Moreover, the bullet line of M24 is very straight while the bullet line of the two other SRs is curlier. Therefore, you have to place the crosshair higher than the target when using Mosin Nagant or Kar98k.

Pubg Mobile Kar98k
You should place the crosshair of Mosin Nagant and Kar98k higher.

#3. Recoil

M24 has higher recoil than Kar98k and Mosin Nagant. The new bolt-action rifle in PUBG Mobile 1.3 is pretty stable. Therefore, the accuracy is also higher. Moreover, you can reduce the cheek-pad to reduce the recoil of these guns.

Mosin Nagant Is More Stable
Mosin Nagant Is More Stable Than M24.

#4. Iron Sight, Scope & Attachments

M24, Kar98k, and Mosin Nagant accept all scopes from the red dot to 8x scope. However, the iron sights of Mosin Nagant and Kar98k are better for aiming. It's pretty hard to aim with the iron sight of M24.

Kar98k And Mosin Nagant
Kar98k And Mosin Nagant Have Better Iron Sights.

Moreover, M24 has more attachment slots than Mosin Nagant and Kar98k. You can use an SR extended mag to increase the ammo capacity from 5 to 7. You can also attach a quick-draw mag to reduce the reload duration of M24. But Mosin Nagant and Kar98k can also use a bullet loop to increase reload speed. Therefore, they are fair in this criterion.

Mosin Nagant Delay
Mosin Nagant's Delay Is Longer Than That Of M24.

However, the delay between two bullets in Kar98k and Mosin Nagant is pretty long. In specific, you waste 1.9s to shoot the second bullet after the first shot. However, that statistic of M24 is 1.8s, a bit lower.